A new chapter from The Winds of Winter, George Martin's next novel of the A Song of Ice and Fire book series, has been released by the author on his official site. Arianne Martell is the main character and what she discovers during her trip to Griffin's Roost could change the Seven Kingdoms for good. Dorne's storyline in the books is very different from the one inGame of Thrones. If you're a fan of the HBO show and you want to know what the chapter is about, I recommend you read our previous article titled"Game of Thrones 6 spoilers: when is the other Targaryen going to show up?".

TWOW new chapter: where to read the excerpt

The new excerpt from George Martin's next novel can be easily found on the writer's official site. The excerpt was published on May 10, 2016. Martin wrote on his blog that he changed the previous TWOW sample on the website, replacing the Alayne chapter previously released.

George Martin also spent a few words about The Winds of Winter possible release date, underlining that for the rest we will need to wait: "Changing the sample chapter does NOT mean I am done". Although we don't know the release date yet, we do know that this new chapter is really, really good.

Arianne Martell, Jon Connington and the young Targaryen: a new war in Westeros

In the excerpt from The Winds of Winter from Arianne's POV, we see the Dornish princess approaching Griffin's roost with Elia Sand, Daemon Sand and a few other Dornishmen.

Arianne have to decide if join Jon and Aegon's rebellion or not ("That was [a] lesson that her father had taken pains to teach her; choose your side with care, and only if they have the chance to win").

We already knew that Jon Connington and Aegon Targaryen conquered Griffin's Roost leading the Golden Company in Westeros. In the chapter we will find out, alongside Arianne (the heir to Dorne) how resourceful and aggressive Jon and Aegon can be.

Apparently, we will have a new war in Westeros.

We don't want to spoil you too much. It's far too easy to predict mixed reactions from the fans: many will love the new excerpt, while others will criticize George R.R. Martin again for his delay in finishing the most awaited new book from A Song of Ice and Fire series.