On a brand new "Young & Hungry" this week we reach the season 3 finale episode titled, "Young & No More Therapy." If you've been following the show, the title might mislead you into thinking the tech guru Josh Kaminski is ready for love with his foodie blogging chef, Gabi Diamond, but you'd be wrong because Josh seems just as confused as ever this episode. It almost seems he is doomed never to be with Gabi again. The Ashley Tisdale produced series seemed like it was just beginning to sizzle the last few episodes, but the curse of a short 10 episode season will sideline the story until Freeform brings it back in June for a fourth season.

Josh still seems overwhelmed with Gabi

Despite knowing each other for a long time, Josh still can't wrap his head around a commitment with Gabi. He has no issue keeping her employed and having her cook his food everyday, but that next level seems to be a sticking point. Josh goes in for another session of therapy with Dr. Rounds and the two dance around the kiss they shared until she admits her feelings and suggests he see another therapist. Josh is upfront about his feelings for Gabi, which causes Dr. Rounds some stress. Back at his office, Josh learns he won an Australian DINGO award, Digital Innovation in Next Gen Optimization. Josh decides that a trip to Australia might help him clear out any remaining issues so he books a flight for the award ceremony in Sydney.

Later, Josh admits he kissed his therapist and Gabi says they are done as she storms off.

Sofia meets a guy at spin class

Sofia drops by Josh's apartment to see Gabi and fill up on some free coffee. She says that a perk of her new job as a spin class instructor at Soul Spin is that she met a new guy, Max. Gabi tells Sofia that she's about to tell Josh she is no longer dating, but waiting for him, which Sofia says is a horrible idea.

Gabi reminds Sofia that Max can't text and tell her when to meet because he doesn't have her cell phone number, so she runs off to catch him. Later, after Gabi overhears Josh and Alan talk about how he is done with therapy, Sofia stops by while taking a break teaching spin class to give Gabi her poppin' pink lip gloss, because Gabi wants her next kiss back together with Josh to be amazing.

Elliot and Alan go to Maui

Alan and Elliot decide to revisit their honeymoon in Hawaii. To get a better deal they need a third wheel to their party and decide it should be Yolanda, who at first assumes they are traveling by boat. When it's revealed they are flying instead of taking a cruise, Yolanda refuses to go because flying is something she simply does not do because of her extreme fear of leaving the ground. In the end Elliot and Alan trick Yolanda into the plane by telling her it's an advanced simulation. She buys it and they take off, bound for Hawaii.

Gabi is disappointed by Josh, again

Josh tells Gabi that she shouldn't be waiting for him, it's more pressure than he can handle. Josh tells his therapist that Gabi is beautiful, amazing and funny, but his issues with commitment plague him.

After some relationship advice from Sofia, Gabi decides to buy a ticket to Australia and surprise Josh. Josh boards the plane alone but is soon shocked to see his therapist has bought a first class ticket to join him. Josh admits it's over with Gabi, who broke up with him earlier because she was tired of waiting. She asks Josh if he wants to talk about it and the two get very comfy at the first class bar and have a drink. Gabi has also bought a ticket in coach and plans to surprise Josh, but her plans are ruined when she peaks into first class and sees Josh and Dr. Rounds getting awkwardly cozy, with the therapist putting her hand on Josh's leg as they laugh. Gabi is devastated as the show comes to a close for this season and leaves us with an epic cliffhanger. Perhaps next season Gabi and Josh can finally work things out, or maybe they'll spend another season stressing out over their relationship that never was.