Pregnant Teenager causes fight between April and Arizona

Tonight on ABC's 'Grey's Anatomy', 14-year-old Jenny arrives at the emergency room saying her stomach hurts whenever she coughs, sneezes, or moves. She eventually admits to Dr. April Kepner she is pregnant. Jenny’s mom arrives at the ER unannounced after tracking her location on her cell phone. Jenny lets April know her mom doesn’t know she is pregnant and makes April promise she will not tell her mom.

Arizona is called in to help and they discover that Jenny has a splenic aneurysm. April wants to perform surgery and let Jenny’s mom know about the pregnancy, but Jenny doesn’t want her mom to know and opts to wait to see if the aneurysm corrects itself instead of going ahead with the surgery.

April and Arizona argue about whether or not they should let the mom know, and Arizona insists only Jenny can make that decision.

Arizona decides to tell Jenny’s mom only about the splenic aneurysm and her mom agrees to the surgery. April breaks the rules and tells Jenny’s mom she is pregnant. April and Arizona argue about April’s decision. Jenny’s aneurysm ruptures and she is rushed into surgery. While they scrub in for surgery, Arizona tells April she understands why she made the decision she did. In that moment, April finally understands why Arizona felt she had to tell Jackson.

Avery’s Mom wants to sue April for fraud

Catherine, Jackson Avery’s mom, gets on to Jackson for not calling a family attorney.

She feels April committed fraud by not telling Jackson she found out she was pregnant the morning of their divorce. Richard Weber and Catherine Avery argue about Catherine’s butting into their business. While they are arguing, April overhears Catherine’s plan to sue her for fraud.

Over a surgery, Catherine tells Richard about an experience with her ex-husband.

When Avery was young, he took him across country away from Catherine. Richard tells Catherine the story is sad, but it is her story and not April and Jackson’s story. Catherine eventually apologizes toJackson and tells him she overstepped. Jackson makes a statement that implies he has already taken steps to get a lawyer.

Laterthat night, Avery is having a beer at the bar when he is served papers.

April has filed a restraining order against him. At the same moment, April arrives home to find a baby crib with a note from Avery saying he doesn’t want to fight and will do whatever she wants to do. April realizes the huge mistake she just made.

Guest star, Wilmer Valderrama, plays MS patient

A musician with multiple sclerosis, Kyle, played by Wilmer Valderrama, is admitted to the hospital for a tremor in his hand which is preventing him from playing the guitar. Dr. Edwards, Dr. Shephard, and Dr. Blake will perform deep brain stimulation on Kyle while he is awake and playing the guitar. Kyle immediately starts hitting on Edwards.

During the operation, Kyle experiences a small brain bleed. He temporarily loses his ability to talk and swings his arms around wildly.

After a moment, Amelia is able to stop the bleed and Kyle is able to hold hishand steady without a tremor. He then plays a beautiful song on the guitar while Amelia continues to operate on his brain. There is a hint of romance in the air between Dr. Edwards and Kyle.