This week on a new "Young & Hungry" we continue season 3 with episode 6 titled, "Young & Rachel Ray," during which Gabi gets one of her dreams made true and visits Rachel Ray on her TV show. Unfortunately for Gabi, not everything goes as planned and the entire experience is a borderline disaster. The comedy show stars Emily Osment as Gabi Diamond, Jonathan Sadowski as Josh Kaminski, Aimee Carrero as Sofia Rodriguez, Kym Whitley as Yolanda and Rex Lee as Elliot Park.

Gabi and Josh seemed doomed as a couple

So now that Gabi and Josh are together it sure doesn't feel like it was ever meant to be.

For a few episodes now it seems like everything that could complicate their new relationship has done so, and nothing is getting better. This week Josh feels the need to apologize to his ex-girlfriends, which eventually backfires on him when, After giving Gabi a paid 2 week vacation, he gets in contact with an ex named Ella, played by Brittany Ishibashi. Things get messy when an intoxicated Josh gets tricked into believing he gets married to Ella, who splashes the News all over social media. The timing is bad because Gabi learns about it while talking to Rachel Ray in front of a live audience. Gabi and Sofia are left with few options but to sell the food truck after Gabi melts down and insults their potential customers, freshly dumped and vulnerable women who have been flocking to their food truck, aptly named, The Dump Truck.

Elliot is a more powerful publicist than we realized

Elliot was able to single-handedly promote Gabi's food truck with his social media skills. We all wondered what sort of magical publicist powers Elliot really has and on this episode he really flexes his muscles. Elliot transforms a promising food truck business between Gabi and Sofia into a national news story, complete with a pseudo-endorsement from Rachel Ray.

Fans have always seen Gabi as an echo or reflection of a Ray-type character, so the episode brings those ideas full circle in a way that doesn't seem forced. It seems perfectly logical and normal that Gabi would be on the Rachel Ray show because we've been trained to believe as fans that Gabi's food is just that good.

Rachael Ray is charming as a guest on the show

Rachel Ray is no stranger to food-themed shows, but this was her first time on a scripted show or comedy. She was delightful as herself and handled the scenes with Gabi like a pro, even when delivering the bad news that Josh, now her boyfriend, had a tawdry overnight wedding splashed all over social media. Worst two week vacation ever! Now that the ice is broken with Rachel Ray, the writers may want to consider having her on the show more often! Ray could serve as a voice of reason and inspiration for Gabi and could act as her Jedi Master.