Last week on a new "Storage Wars" season 9 brought us an episode titled, "Downtown Lockers and Uptown Dreams." Darrell and Brandon Sheets,Dave Hester, Ivy Calvin and Mary Padian fought it out for a piece of the action with Auctioneers Dan and Laura Dotson from American Auctioneers running the auction in downtown Los Angeles. Buyers Rene Nezhoda, Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz did not appear on this episode.

Darrell and Brandon seek art but find electronics

There are numerous high end electronics in Darrell's $1,350 sound unit locker, including some powered Mackie speakers, tripods, microphones, collectible music posters and a locked safe.

The safe intrigues them and they attempt to bust it open at the storage locker but they have to go to their warehouse and get a grinder to open the safe and see if it contains anything of value. After a lot of work they do get into the safe but find only instructions for the unit. Darrel and Brandon still ended up with a $1,700 profit from their unit, despite the safe being a bust.

Ivy seeks out a locker full of tools

Hester bids up Ivy on the unit and it costs him $1,900 for the locker. Ivy says he loves tools because they add up quick, and he certainly has a major pile of items to sell. The item of the day is a jackhammer according to Ivy, but he seems doubtful at the same time. He decides to go get it checked out to determine the real value of his find.

When the jackhammer is tested and works the specialist says it's worth $700 to the right buyer. Ivy managed to squeeze out a small $410 profit from his tool unit.

Mary acts like a contender and scores big

Mary finds furniture and a Viper dartboard with over 100 variations of games in her $725 locker. The dartboard expert says her board is a high end unit, so when she plugs in her electronic dartboard and it works she knows it's worth at least $200.

She gambles and says that she will sell it to the expert for $300 if she wins a game of darts, but $150 if she loses. The expert calls in his mother to play Mary and they decide that the high score wins. Mary does get the high score and walks out with $300 for her machine. Mary ended up with a $2,625 profit for her unit.

Dave Hester scores a unit full of lotion

Fighting with Darrell Sheets over a unit full of boxes, Dave Hester wins a $1,950 locker, suspecting that it contains brand new boxes of lotion. Hester adds up the unopened boxes and estimates that he now owns around 5,000 bottles of lotion and says that at a mere $2 a bottle he has over $10,000 worth of skin care product. Daryl and Hester exchange some words about the locker, but Sheets ends up acknowledging that it really was a good score for his competition. Dave ended up at the end of the show with a $8,050 profit from his unit.