This week "Bering Sea Gold" is back with a new season 6 episode titled, "Golden Dreams." Every dredge is struggling in one way or another and everyone has something to prove. For the Christine Rose, mechanical issues are a problem. On the High Noon they test their systems for the first time to see just what kind of animal they have to tame. On the Eroica, Emily still talks about how the men in Nome don't respect her, so she hopes to shut them up with big piles of gold, which so far she has failed to produce. Vernon Adkison makes a power grab for a new boat, All In, and hopes his sub-dredge will get him the massive stockpiles of gold that he desires.

Neither Zeke Tenhoff or Brad Kelly make an appearance this week.

The Christine Rose faces a setback

The Christine Rose gets 111.05 ounces of gold worth $133,000 during an early cleanup, but Shawn says they should have far more gold than they do so far this season if they want to exceed last year. Steve takes the gold and buys more gear for inland mining and tells Shawn that after he gets another 111 ounces of gold, which would work out to 300 ounces total for the season, he can go to the bluff. The Christine Rose blows ahydraulic line later in the show and they are dead in the water until Steve comes to the rescue with replacement parts. Shawn and Steve argue over money and the replacement hydraulic line parts Shawn wanted, but Steve earlier denied.

Shawn is determined to get The Christine Rose to the bluff where he thinks there's an abundance of gold to be found, but Steve now thinks it's too much of risk and wants nothing to do with it.

The High Noon digs deep for a payout

With a twelve-inch suction nozzle, High Noon owner Derek McLarty hopes to reinvent the art of dredging by taking his boat where no one else can capture the gold buried deep under sand.

By going to untouched spots in the Bering Sea, Derek might just be able to find hot spots that will help pay for his $450,000 dredge and start making him a profit. The first 6 hour test of High Noon is very productive and they capture 7.98 ounces of gold worth $10,000. Derek says that things are now about to get serious.

The All In deal isn’t all it could have been

With a late start to the season, and in need of a floating platform to support his sub-dredge, Vernon Adkison gets the raw end of a deal over a boat he thought was promised to him. The boat, named the All In, already has a captain, old enemy Johnny Wilson, when he arrives to check it out. Vernon calls the owner Bill Martin and chews him out over the bad deal, and after some money is exchanged, Vernon is the owner, but the boat isn't in great shape and may not support the weight of his dredge. Vernon still doesn't even have a single nugget for the season, but may soon get back into the game.

The Eroica makes some progress

Emily Riedel has faced numerous breakdowns this season and it's jeopardized her operation.

She decides to gamble on Nick McGlashan, who has a history of working on the Bering Sea, but is not a diver like Daryl Galipeau. She doesn't consider Nick a greenhorn in the true sense of the term, but he's certainly not experienced as a dredge operator. Daryl says that he's never seen a greenhorn start out with a 10 inch dredge like the Eroica has, and Nick almost immediately gets his arm in front of the hose and pays the price. He stays clear of the nozzle and shakes off the pain, trying to earn his keep as a professional gold dredger. Emily and her crew do a 30 hour cleanup and come up with 16.88 ounces of gold worth $20,000, which Emily figures is .63 ounces an hour.