This week "Family Guy" returns to continue season 14 with an episode titled, "Take A Letter." When Stewie's preschool begins to serve dog milk to the children, Lois decides it's time for their child to attend Corridors, which is the nicest, most expensive preschool in their area. Lois goes to the post office to send in Stewie's school registration form and finds Cleveland working there. He offers to get Lois and interview and she agrees, with no other way to pay for Stewie's new school.

Stewie is enrolled in a school full of rich kids

Stewie meets one of the new children, Chadley, at his fancy new school, who is rich and had two older brothers die of drug overdoses.

The animated series by Seth MacFarlane continues to use dark comedy without remorse. When Stewie goes to Chadley's mansion, and feels horribly inadequate, he whips up a plan to invite his new class to a mansion that doesn't belong to him while the owners are away on vacation. Stewie throws a grand party, but the owners show up and throw everyone out. Stewie tells the rich kids he was afraid they wouldn't accept him, but they tell him they don't like him because he lied and he isn't rich. The rich kids leave the mansion and Brian and Stewie watch them walk away.

Lois works with Cleveland at the Post Office

Cleveland turns out to be a pretty bad employee, and he promptly shows Lois why you should never mail cash through the Post Office.

When Cleveland shows Lois a bin full of letters that were never mailed for various reasons, Lois finds one from Peter addressed to an old girlfriend. She asks Bonnie for advice, and decides to go meet Gretchen Mercer, who the envelope is addressed to. Gretchen lies to Lois and says the letter is meaningless, but it strikes up something dark inside Gretchen who decides that she must be with Peter no matter the cost.

An old girlfriend tries to reclaim Peter from Lois

Gretchen finds Peter at his house and she says she got his letter which explained he had doubts about marrying Lois. Peter explains he is married and she promises to blackmail him to get him back. Later, while having coffee, Gretchen says she doesn't want to cause trouble, but wants to go to a Ray LaMontagne concert for one last good memory.

Peter agrees and the two go to the concert. Peter leaves early when he feels guilty about sneaking out behind Lois. Later, Gretchen shows up at the Post Office but first texts Peter to let him know she is about to kill Lois. Peter shows up just in time to warn Lois, who beats the heck out of Gretchen and reclaims her husband. Lois reads the letter and explains that it's fine that Peter had doubts, because she did too, as exhibited by all the crying in her wedding photos. Lois is fired by the Post Office because she beat someone up on Federal property and Stewie is forced to go back to his mediocre preschool.