This past week onGrey's Anatomy there was a lot of tension between Bailey and Ben as she had to give him a six-month suspension. One of his patients died and Bailey feels like Ben is to blame. He saw that elevator door open, but Ben says he didn't realize it happened and kept doing surgery right there in the middle of the hallway. She did give him special treatment, but seeing that he is her husband, Bailey couldn't totally fire him. Ben is really upset that she got him in trouble at all.

Will Ben and Bailey make it work?

Now the viewers just want to know if Ben and Bailey will be able to make their relationship work.

Jason George, who plays Ben, shared that this is the biggest problem they have ever had in their relationship so if he was friends with this couple he wouldn't be worried. Ben seems to think that they will find a way to make it through.

That being said, he went on to say that anything can happen. For now, Ben and Bailey look like they are going to argue a lot and have to find a way to deal with it all. Ben won't be at the hospital for the next six months, but that will give him some more time to spend with their son at home. It has fans worried he could be leaving the show totally.

Is Jason George leaving?

Jason George shared that he has been coming on and off of this show for five years now.

He isn't a character that never misses an episode, but of course, after this went down you do wonder if you still have a job or not. This is the first season that he has been a regular on the show. Jason George was told that he still has a job, so if Ben and Bailey don't make it that doesn't mean that he is leaving the show any time soon.

Now everyone just has to wait and see if they make it work or not.

Do you think that Ben and Bailey will work out their relationship on Grey's Anatomy? This couple is one that a lot of fans love and only time will tell if they can make it work. Sound off in the comments section on your thoughts and don't miss new episodes ofGrey's Anatomy on Thursday nights on ABC.