In the 18th episode of the 7th season of 'The Vampire Diaries,'Damon, Alaric, and Valerie are doing everything to make Stefan return to his body. Also, we learn why Bonnie is hospitalized while Enzo tries to figure out a way to save her life.

Damon & Alaric

The Salvatore asks for help from his best friend to capture Ambrose, the vampire that is occupying the body of Stefan and killing several students. Although Ric is reluctant, he ends up helping Damon, because he knows that's what Caroline would want. In the end, Damon apologizes to Ric for going into the coffin without saying goodbye and says that he is willing to do anything to save their friendship.

Alaric is not willing to be friends with Damon again and says that for the first time in many years he feels happy. Before leaving, the teacher says to his friend Bonnie's location, saying that it may not be too late for both, as it is for them.

Stefan & Valerie

After Damon and Alaric captured Ambrose, the heretic almost died doing a spell to return Stefan to his body. Through flashbacks, we learn that while traveling, the vampire wrote several letters to Caroline, but all were returned unopened. After saving the love of his life, Valerie says goodbye to Stefan with a kiss, saying that she knows that he does not love her as she loves him, and that it was time to find a new life for herself. The heretic tells him that it's not too late for him to win Caroline back, in a very emotional farewell, showing that true love is also made of sacrifice.

Bonnie & Enzo

In this episode of 'The Vampire Diaries,'we also find that the witch is in a mental hospital to approach Virginia St. John, Alex's sister. The witch is replacing Virginia's pills to find out why 'The Armory' has an interest in her magic. Alex's sister ends up confessing that in the organization's building there is a vault which was closed by a Bennett witch and that only a Bennett witch can open it.

She also says that in the vault there is something very dangerous that cannot be unleashed.

Meanwhile, Enzo kidnaps Rayna, who is trying to hunt Ambrose. We find out that besides him being very dangerous, he turned her boyfriend into a vampire in the past. The huntress reveals to Enzo that she doesn't know a way to reverse the effect of the pills that Bonnie is taking to hide from a locator spell, the same one that was killing Mary Louise.

In the end, Enzo picks up his girlfriend and tells her that the pills can be deadly, but that he will find a way to save her. At that time, Damon shows up to see her, but the witch slams the door in his face.