This week on an all new "2 Broke Girls" season 5 begins to wrap up with an episode titled, "And the Loophole." Back from California, Max and Caroline, portrayed by actresses Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs, have sealed the deal on a $250,000 contract for the story of Caroline's fall from grace after her dad was imprisoned for fraud. Armed with a new beginning, the cupcake business has been redesigned by the girls into a dessert bar, but they just need a bit more space than they currently have in the back of the diner. The girls asks Han for more room, but he says no and offers them the help of his friend and guest star Evie, played by Camille Chen, a fellow Korean who is interested in a relationship with him.

Sophie finally has a pregnancy bump

When Sophie walks into the diner this week she is sporting a massive baby bump and declares that she is now 4 months pregnant and approaching Kardashian status. She asks Han what he thinks and he refuses, declaring in his country no one comments about women's pregnancies or Kim Jong-un's haircut. Sophie says the baby kicks a lot, so it could be a soccer player or a Los Angeles police officer.

Randy surprises Max at the diner

When Randy walks into the diner and surprises Max, she initially refuses to even look at him. Caroline is defensive and simply doesn't believe he has good intentions with her best friend. Later, Max sneaks Randy into the apartment, but Caroline catches the two seeing each other behind her back.

After Caroline makes Max list the pros and cons of a relationship, Max and Randy decide to try and make the long distance thing work and Randy decides to spend a month in New York to see where the romance is headed.

Evie helps Max and Caroline find a dessert bar space

Because Han denied the girls the use of the dish room at the diner, his friend and potential romantic partner Evie shows them a few spaces they could potentially rent.

When none of them pan out, Evie eventually convinces Han to relent and let max and Caroline expand their dessert bar business in the back of the diner. Han says he will probably regret his decision almost immediately and the girl's business total at the end of the show rises up from last week to $250,072.00. Finally debt free, and with a viable plan for the future, Max and Caroline have never been closer to success.