This week on a brand new "Comic Book Men" Ming asks the gang at The Stash if they'd rather be the Captain of the Millennium Falcon or the Captain of the USS Enterprise. Walt claims there would be too many rules and regulations on The Enterprise and would rather be on theMillennium Falcon. Walt says that the one rule would be that Chewbacca has to wear clothes. Ming uses a selfie stick to promote himself and the store as a running gag throughout the episode, much to the dismay of Walt, who thinks Ming is screwing around on company time. At the end of the episode Bryan takes the stick and breaks it into pieces.

A Harley Quinn comic comes into the shop

A comic that's at the top of the hot list comes in the store, Batman Adventures #12, the first appearance of Harley Quinn in a comic book. Bryan asks why and says there’s a bandwagon with Harley Quinn and Walt says Kevin was on the bandwagon first by naming his kid after the character. Kevin Smith named his daughter Harley 16 years ago. Kevin says he likes the leotard cartoon version the best, rather than the overly sexual version of Harley. The seller wants to sell his comic to buy his girlfriend an exotic kitten and wants $1000 for the book. Walt counters with $600 and the seller retorts with $950. Walt counters with $650 and then quickly offers $700, but the seller needs $900 and Walt stands firm.

The Seller declines to sell and walks out of the store with the comic book.

Treasure trove of Fangoria magazines

Next, a Fangoria magazine lot comes in, including the first few key issues. Kevin calls it porn for horror movies because it was the original source of information for the genre. The seller asks $50 each, totaling $300 for the lot of 6 magazines.

Walt thinks that’s high, and Mike thinks they can go online and get them for cheaper. Walt offers $60 for the lot and the seller declines to sell them. Kevin reveals his favorite splatter movie as "Texas Chainsaw Massacre," and Walt says his favorite is "The Thing." Ming says he doesn’t have a favorite splatter movie and Kevin says that makes him feel macho.

Uncommon 'Flash Gordon' toys

Next into the shop we see some "Flash Gordon" 1979 animated series action figures. Walt tells Ming, "This is your daddy’s space hero." The set includes the figure Ming The Merciless, and the guys have a good laugh. "Darth Vader is a peon compared to Ming The Merciless," declares Walt. The seller wants a trip to Vegas and asks $75 for his figures. Walt looks over the 8 loose figures and Space Case, offering $40 for the toys. The seller counters with $60 and Walt agrees to buy the lot. The final item into the shop is a lot of bootleg figures from the 1984 movie, "The Never-Ending Story," made in Mexico. The Mexican bootleg figures are rare as there were no figures offered for sale in the USA during the original era of the film.

The seller asks $400 for them all and Walt asks if $200 will work. There's a $350 counter offer from the seller but Walt says $250 is all he can invest and so a deal can’t be done. The figures are not purchased.