It’s a droid-heavy episode on “Star Wars Rebels” this week as we continue season 2 with an episode titled, “The Forgotten Droid.” The Rebels crew make a pit stop to steal some fuel, but Chopper sees a replacement leg that matches his mismatched part and can't control himself from obtaining it, despite being told to stay at the ship and having no way to pay for the item. The Star Wars cartoon airs on Disney XD.

The Rebels need a new base

The episode starts out with the Rebels searching for a new base and they discuss their options. The Yost system seems like a logical place to continue operations, but the Rebels need fuel.

Sabine offers up an idea to steal some fuel from an Imperial depot, but it's a risky move. When they arrive at the depot Jedi Kanan instructs the droid Chopper to be ready to depart at a moment's notice if things go wrong, but the droid has plans of his own when he spots a replacement leg that matches his and he decides to ignore the instructions he's been given. Chopper heads out to shop for a leg he can't afford, so he ends up stealing it from the Ugnaught who owns it and runs away into an Imperial cargo freighter.

The fuel heist gets messy

Meanwhile, the rest of the Ghost crew Rebels find and steal some much needed fuel from the Empire. Kanan wants no complications but Zeb urges them to act immediately to get what they need.

Without Chopper on the Ghost to monitor Imperial transmissions, things quickly go awry. Chopper witnesses Stormtroopers shooting at his crew mates as they fly away in the Ghost. Later, Ezra demands they go back for Chopper, but the crew denies his request because the droid abandoned his post when they needed him most.

Inventory droid AP-5 saves the day

Chopper meets AP-5 inside the Imperial cargo freighter, an inventory droid in charge of the cargo, who recognizes right away that Chopper is not supposed to be on his ship. AP-5 initially tries to capture Chopper but they soon bond over their mutual service in The Clone Wars. It ends up that AP-5 was a former navigator who has been relegated to a tedious job with daily disrespect from his Imperial superiors.

Chopper removes the restraining bolt from AP-5 and the two begin to seem a lot like R2-D2 and C-3PO.

A new destination

AP-5 comes in handy near the end of the episode. After Chopper and AP-5 take control of the cargo ship they contact the crew of The Ghost and the Rebel Fleet. AP-5 informs the Rebels that Yost is not safe because of Imperials in the area so he offers up a new location for their base that will be safer, for now. The new escape coordinates cost AP-5 dearly as he is badly damaged by the cargo ship captain, who eventually gets knocked out by Chopper. Chopper sacrifices his replacement leg to repair AP-5 and the droid pair begin a complicated new friendship as the episode draws to a close.