We all have dreams of being the next Dr. Dre or Timbaland in the music industry, but many fall very short of that title.New York native and SuperproducerJames Worthy is far from falling short. Worthy is someone to keep an eye and ear open for as he rises through the ranks of being one of the go-to producers in the music industry right now. He has worked with some of the top music recording artists today and continues to build his reputation as one of the most prominent producers in the game as we speak.

Some of Worthy’s inspiration comes from the likes of Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Q-Tip, A Tribe Called Quest, and many others.

It's evident in his style, which is both fresh and original.

James has worked with Sara Stokes of the new hit TV show “From the Bottom Up” that he also stars in on Centric/B.E.T January 16, 2016. He also works with B Angie B, Robin. S, Bobby V, Dave Tolliver of Men at Large, Kanye West, Bobby Brown Jr., Truth Hurts who was formally signed to Dr. Dre, Yung Berg, and many others.

The super Producer has a lot in store for his fans, in addition, he's also served on Music Producer Panels in Atlanta, Georgia where he resides and has been a big inspiration to everyone that's pursuing their dreams as a music producer. There's a lot to come from this rising star as his career rises, and 2016 is sure to be a special treat for fans.

Worthy understands that he's not in the position he is today because of luck, but because of dedication, and consistent hardwork. He encourages everyone that wants to live their dreams to be consistent with their work and believe that they can do it if they really believe in it. He has been interviewed on numerousradioshows, and is on the verge of being the top producer in the music business.

Worthy has a lot of competition ahead of him, but that doesn't bother him, because he knows that his work will speak for itself. James Worthy is someone to follow and watch as he continues to blossom into the great producer he aspires to be.