B.Howard's new single DSYLM peaked from the #25 position on the Top Billboard Dance Charts to #16 within weeks. The Singer-Songwriter and should be very proud of his progress and success.

DSYLM is in running with top acts such as Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas and Adele who sits #1 on the Dance Charts. B.Howard still has a little ways to go for the #1 spot, but it's very possible that it'll happen soon.

B.Howard has been named the Prince of Pop in Japan and deserves every recognition as such. Howard has been in Europe this past week promoting his new single and gaining the support and love from his beloved fans since day one.

Howard has prior songs such as: Dance Floor and Supermodel that has similar sounds as DSYLM. B.Howard has such a unique sound and reminds people of the Late (King of Pop)Michael Jackson. Howard has been compared to the Late MJ since he has debuted himself as a Singer-Songwriter. What an honor! However, Howard is his own person and you can see it in his music videos. Going from #25 to #16 within a few weeks is a great accomplishment in its own right. The task of staying on the Billboard Charts is hard enough, but to continue to rise consistently is another kind of achievement altogether, especially when you take into account the industry heavy-hitters that he's up against when it comes to progressing on said charts.

In terms of the track itself, its got everything one might expect from an infectious, chart-climbing dance hit. There's definitely a Michael Jackson-esque quality to his vocal delivery, so its not hard to see where those comparisons come from. The EDM influence is strong, culminating in a track that's well suited for dance floors and clubs everywhere.

Ultimately, only time will tell if this Singer-Songwriter has what it takes to continue to gain momentum moving forward and the ability to maintain the level of staying power that's necessary to climb these charts, but, whether or not he makes it to number one, there's no denying that this artist is most certainly on the rise.

Listen to B.Howard's new Single DSYLMHere.