Kanye West (38), and wife Kim Kardashian (35)could say they have a two million dollar baby in their new son, Saint West, as they’ve been offered that and more for the first pictures of him from the media. Saint West was born December 5th, but there has yet to be a photo of him printed in any publication, and the media is chomping at the bitto be the first.

The requests have come in to get not just a shot of Saint,but to also get the whole family in one as well (which would include Saint, his sister North, and of course, parents Kim and Kayne). However, the celebrity parents say they are certain they will reject all such offers for photos of their son.

Two million dollar baby not in any public photos

After the birth of sister North, her photo was shown off on Kayne’s mother-in-lawKris Jenner’s former TV show, so everyone thought that he would be quick to show off photos of Saint West. Some speculate that a showing of pictures could happen on Kim’s sister'snew TV showKocktails with Khloe,” which is set to come out early next year.

Saint West was taken to a doctor appointment earlier in the month, but his parents made sure thathis car seat was completely coveredand that no one could see the baby. Fans and paparazzi alike are eager to see Saint West wherever those first photos eventually surface.

Parents considering options for Saint’s first photo appearance

Sources say that Kim and Kayne are carefully considering their options for showing off their son to the media. Some say the celebrity parents may be considering putting a picture of him on their website at Christmas to thank their fans and bump up their website subscriptions.

This idea seems to be the most plausible at this point in time.

When North was born, Kim and Kayne didn’t sell any of her pictures to the media, so it’s quite likely that they willopt for the same when it comes to newborn Saint. It'll be interesting to see what the celebrity couple decides for their son, and, in the meantime, fans and the media alike will just have to wait.