Kim Kardashian and her children were the victims of a Kardashian break-in at Kris Jenner’s home this week on December 15, prompting Kris Jenner to fire the entire security team. The Kardashian break-in was done by an obsessed male fan, who managed to just walk straight into the house, where Kris came face to face with him before he was caught by the police and put into custody.

Kim and her family are supposed to have 24-hour surveillance, so something like a Kardashian break-in should not be possible. Her security team couldn’t even explain how such as thing could happen, so it was frightening for her since it could have put her grandchildren, toddler North and new baby Saint West, at risk.

New Security Team

Kim’s husband, Kayne West is said to be very angry, and has placed his own security team at Kris’ house to watch over his family. Now, matriarch of the family Kris Jenner is looking for a brand new and better security team to hire to guard and monitor her home. Kim and the children have been staying at her mother’s home and Kanye is said to be temporarily staying with his family in the home.

The male intruder was arrested and charged with trespassing. The entire security team were fired within 24 hours of the incident. The man was said to have been put on a psychiatric hold. The man said he took a bus from Texas to track down where the Kardashians lived, and he actually talked to Jenner in her office before she realized he was someone who shouldn’t be there and then called the police.

Christmas decorating goes on despite intruder scare

Even with the break-in, Kris seemed calm and still posted about her Christmas decorations the next day for her fans to enjoy. Kim told fans that daughter North was “in heaven” over the decorations and especially seemed to love all the candy canes and screams every time she sees them.

The break-in actually happened while the family was decorating for Christmas. Kris shared several pictures of their Christmas trees and other decorations on Instagram. Jenner said she wants the house to look magical for her grandchildren.

While the family is getting over the shock of the Kardashian break-in by an obsessed fan this week, they are still in the Christmas spirit as everyone can see by the decorations adorning the home.