Billboard has announced that Adele’s “21” is now the Greatest Album of All Time, based on chart positions that go back to 1963. Adele’s “21” album came out in 2011 and won six Grammys; record of the year, album of the year, song of the year, best pop solo performance, best pop vocal album, best short form music video. It was also at the top of the Billboard 200 charts for a total of 24 weeks, as well as being listed in the Top 10 for a total of 78 weeks.

Billboard’s ranking system uses a descending point system that awards the top value for weeks that an album stayed in the number one slot, as well as taking into consideration the changes in chart-ranking procedures over the years.

Adele’s “21” to have follow-up

The British singer expects to release a follow-up album to her successful Adele’s “21” album. She will release the new album, entitled “25” on November 20, and a song from the album, “Hello” has already broken records for music video views, along with breaking the record for digital music sales.

The singer was on a break for the past three years as she wanted to concentrate on having a family, so this is the first release for her fans in that timeframe. Thereby, fans are eagerly awaiting the upcoming release of her new album.

Other top albums, top acts also announced

Billboard also released the titles of other top albums, and announced the second best album of all time was the 1965 release of the soundtrack from Julie Andrew’s “The Sound of Music,” which won an Oscar.

“The Sound of Music” album spent 109 weeks’ total time on the Billboard 200 Top 10.

When it comes to choosing the top acts of all time, The Beatles made the cut, with the Rolling Stones coming in second. Even though the group was selected as the top overall act, they only ranked 54th for the best all time album with their “Sgt.

Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” album from 1967. The album stayed number one on the charts for 15 weeks in a row. The group also had 19 number one singles on the Billboard charts.

The only act on the list of the top 30 of the all-time acts to have started their appearance on the Billboard charts since 2000 was country/pop singer Taylor Swift.

The singer got ranked number eight, and has had four albums at number one on the Billboard charts since 2006.

Those who love Adele’s music won’t be surprised to learn that she has this new title. Those who have never heard her music, may want to take a listen to Adele’s “21” album to learn why Billboard has ranked it number one.