Marvel's Jessica Jones is set to premiere on Netflix on November 20. The series, developed by Melissa Rosenberg, follows the life of Jessica after she gives up being a superhero and becomes a private detective. The show is based on a Marvel character with the same name and it’s being called a “psychological thriller“ by the creators.

Starring Krysten Ritter as the titular character and David Tennant as Kilgrave, the first season will have 13 episodes. In case you’re not familiar with Alias (the Marvel series Jones is on), Jessica was a superhero working under the name Jewel when she suddenly fell into the clutches of Kilgrave (or Purple Man).

Since his main power is mind control, Jessica found herself trapped for months doing whatever he wanted – which lead to a number of traumas and later made her give up this lifestyle (and live with PTSD).

From what we know, this time Netflix is putting the whole superhero theme aside and focusing more on the character’s emotions and traumas. "What you get out of 'Jessica' is a sort of hold-your-breath tension as to what’s going to happen. When you see the dynamic between Krysten Ritter and David Tennant... that question of 'What’s going to happen next?' and 'What could happen next?' and how that’s driven by character is something that is so important to not just the scripts but also the way the show is shot, and the way that everyone reacts, and the way those two react with each other," said exec producer Jeph Loeb back in the TCAs this year.

We can also expect a lot of darker and emotionally heavy scenes, in the sense that Jessica is just getting through a huge crisis and the original comics were published under the adult-rated Marvel "Max" banner. In it, Jessica got incredibly drunk a lot of times, used her superpowers in the worst way possible and had sex with a number of people.

Even though we can’t predict how much the show will follow the original storyline – but the creator of the comics Brian Michael Bendis already watched some episodes and fully support Marvel`s Jessica Jones – one thing is for sure: Netflix is giving us a show starring one of the most compelling and dramatic characters from Marvel we’re going to binge watch for one day straight.