Walter O'Brien is not only the name of the lead character in the TV drama, “Scorpion,” but he's also the real-life person on whom the character and the series is based. Real-life Walter O-Brien at 39-years-old founded and heads Scorpion Computer Services, a company that specializes in international security. “Scorpion,” the title for the TV show, was O'Brien's hacking identity when he was in Ireland.

The details of real-life Walter O'Brien's life and experiences are sometimes as difficult to believe – and be validated – as are his on-screen persona's adventures.

For example, in the opening lines of “Scorpion,” is the voice-over of on-screen Walter O'Brien (played by Elyes Gabel) that tells us his IQ is 197, compared to Einstein who had an IQ of 165.

In-the-flesh O'Brien claims his IQ was tested in primary school, with the result being 197, but he didn't keep the paperwork, nor is there a record of his IQ beyond his claims. What is verifiable is that O'Brien has been living in California since 2001, having been issued an E11 visa – the same type as that given Albert Einstein – given to people with “extraordinary abilities” and/or who can be considered a national asset.

The real deal Walter O'Brien readily admits that portions of the TV drama “Scorpion” is an embellishment of the the facts, with about 70 percent accuracy.

O'Brien is one of two executive producers of “Scorpion,” along with Scooter Braun. Nick Santora is the series creator and writer of 31 episodes, with Walter OBrien credited with writing in 28 episodes. In addition, the in-the-flesh version of the computer geniousprovides technical assistance on-set.

It is the hope of the man, head of Scorpion Computer Services, that “Scorpion” will inspire young people to the field ofcomputer science in much the same way the programs like “CSI” inspired them to the field of forensic science. A pleasant side-effect of having his name and occupation made public, O'Brien's computer business is receiving more attention than before his exposure via “Scorpion.”