"The Supper" is an indie PC game that was created by Octavi Navarro and released on January 28. Despite being out for less than three weeks, it is one of the top free to play Steam games and has almost three hundred positive reviews. The reviews are coined "very positive" by Steam. It falls into the "cartoon gore" horror Video Games realm and can be played in about an hour. This doesn't mean it's easy; however-- I may have looked up what to do next at one point. It reminds me of old "escape this room" type of games where you keep clicking different objects until you find the one that fits what you need at that moment.

For a click and point game, there are a lot of subversions. Still, I'm not going to lie and say this is one of the hardest games you are ever going to play, but I will stand firm when I say it is one of the best. If you like a bit of story and mystery with your game, this is exactly what you need.

So what? How is that different from other games?

Perhaps there are many indie PC games that fall in this general realm, but none seem quite as creative as The Supper. It shows just the perfect amount of horror to be scary, like the shower scene in Psycho. Give up too much, and our imagination no longer works. Perhaps it's better to imagine what's in the special red sauce than actually know. The creatures are all unique, and they show a talent for creepy cartoons that keeps them from seeming like fan art of the goosebump stories.

They also show the way different creatures eat, which has always interested me about uncommon fantasy creatures. Not that these seem like any fantasy creatures I've seen before-- they seem to come right from Octavi's own head.

There is also an ending that is both satisfying and sad. That is how I prefer my endings, and it's exactly what Mrs.

Applebottom wanted, assuming she had no way of going back in time. When I finished, I just sat there for a moment, digesting, feeling Mrs. Applebottom's peace, and yet the way her heart broke at the exact same time.

Why even play a game that lasts an hour?

You know that amazing feeling of accomplishment you get from finishing a video game?

Why make that take all month when it could take an hour? It also helps when you have time to kill but not enough to get to the next checkpoint. On top of that, "The Supper" takes very little space on your PC, and you can play it without a gaming computer. That also can help when your significant other know your gaming computer, and now you can pretend you're working. Because I'm not the only one who pretends to work while playing video games, right?

Tell you what, on the very off chance you don't like this game, I completely agree to pay all you spent back! And I wouldn't even say that about all other free indie PC games.