Blumhouse struggled to deliver a worthwhile PG-13 rated horror film with its "Fantasy Island." The PG-13 rating does not allow for scenes of intense terror or violence.

The latest horror flick was based on an '80s TV series. Blumhouse took the movie's source material and added a horror angle to the story.

"Fantasy Island" was released on Valentine's Day and continues to struggle at the box office.

Moviegoers questioned whether Blumhouse would build on the scares or build on the angle of guests living out their fantasies with more content. Sadly, "Fantasy Island," was tame and an appropriate flick for those aged thirteen and up.

"Fantasy Island" was filmed in Fiji, allowing for some breathtaking, scenic background and complete immersion into its tropical setting. However, opening weekend for the film did not bring many rewards for Blumhouse.

Blumhouse horror film not drawing much praise from audiences

Audiences and critics have not been too friendly towards "Fantasy Island," with many giving mostly negative reviews. Horror fans are now questioning whether they should take a chance on running to theaters to watch this horror film. The question is, how scary and dark is the movie? The MPAA slapped the film with a PG-13 rating for violence, terror, drug content, and brief strong language.

The island delivers some run of the mill scares, but nothing that will keep you up at night.

There are a few scenes where characters are being chased by a man called Dr. Torture, with a variety of surgical tools. The characters are also chased by other threats on the island. There are also some real moments of gun violence and physical harm.

Another bloodless horror film

This newest entry into the horror genre is a bloodless attempt of a horror film.

The majority of violence comes from a single scene of torture. The rest comes via shoot-outs, gun violence, and a burning building. One character that travels to the Island wants to live out his fantasy of being a soldier, and that leads to many of the movie's most intense scenes. Some of the characters are killed off, but their deaths are quick, and bodily harm is not shown.

Aside from the violent fantasies, other characters came to Fantasy Island to partake in "sex stuff." The PG-13 rating keeps out the nudity, and sexual content is only implied or referred to in passing. Some of those who visit Fantasy Island are seen drinking and using drugs, and often reference using drugs, mainly marijuana. Drug paraphernalia was shown on-screen. "Fantasy Island" does have some adult language, but it's not oversaturated, and it's tame in comparison to other PG-13 horror flicks.