Fortnite: Battle Royale’s” long-overdue second season is just around the corner as it is slated to go live February 20. Chapter 2’s current season, on the other hand, has grown to become the longest yet and players are getting pretty frustrated with Epic Games drip-feeding the game’s contents. Hints and alleged leaks have been stumbled upon by both keen-eyed players, and data miners, as they speculate what might be rolled out in Season 2. That said, the developer may well be teasing the upcoming season as clues have been spotted in some parts of the world.

‘Fortnite’ teaser

Fortnite” ads were recently spotted in countries like Japan, Brazil, and France. The promotional clips only last for a few seconds, though, it looks like it's giving out some clues about the next season. The ad shows the game’s famous logo alongside a gold handprint. Below it is some sort of text that is being covered by gold bands. The only thing that’s not blocked out is a phone number that obviously piqued the interest of fans.

Folks have tried calling the phone number (21)3500-8947 and this was the message they’ve heard, “yes sir” “The agents were called.” “Card to access the safe purchased.” It was then followed by someone talking gibberish.

Other hints

The theme for “Fortnite” Season 2 is still unknown, though its player base believes that it will have something to do with gold.

They also speculate that the battle royale shooter could be getting gold as the new material added into the game and it is also believed that it could be indestructible and difficult to collect.

Players might also recall that Epic previously posted a short blog on their website announcing the release date of “Fortnite’s” second season.

It’s noticeable that some of the texts were also covered as the developer stated that they couldn't brief their community on the next season’s secrets yet.

Similar hints and teasers are expected to be rolled out, by Epic, now that “Fortnite” Season 2 is just a few days away. Fans of the game believe that it will be another ARG event just like what the developer did back in Chapter 1’s fifth season. For the uninitiated, the game maker placed a huge real-life Durr Burger in the middle of the Mojave Desert.

There was also a theory going around that the upcoming season will kick off with a huge flood since there’s a group of structures on a specific area of the map that when observed from above, seems to spell the name “Noah.” Prior to this, data miners have had come across with an unused version of the map that shows a huge portion of the map submerged in water.

Gold started appearing

At the time of writing, gold items have begun appearing on the map. Leakers are pretty much convinced by now that the “Fortnite” community will be getting this type of mat next season.