Top 6 Fun Low-Spec PC Games in 2018

Mega Man is a popular franchise. [Image source: SwedishRobotFish/Flickr]
Mega Man is a popular franchise. [Image source: SwedishRobotFish/Flickr]

We list down 6 of the best games that could run on low-spec PCs that were released in 2018.

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There was countless number of games released in 2018. Some of them were intended for high-spec consoles while some others were built to be played on more varieties of platforms. This article lays down six games that you could play without upgrading any part of your PC at home ( this list is not based on ranking). Have fun!


Into The Breach

This game brings back old memories of playing turn-based strategy games. There were popular games of this type, including Brigandine and Final Fantasy Tactics. In this game, you will be brought to the future world where wars are waged by armies of mechs and robots. even though this game is not visually stunning. its gameplay is still so engaging that you would not even bother looking at your watch.


Two Point Hospital

For you who had the privilege to play "Sim Theme Hospital" must be familiar with this 2018-released PC game. Two Point Hospital indeed builds on the success of its predecessor by providing fun and attractive managerial game. You will take the role of a hospital manager who is responsible in assuring that the hospital runs smoothly day-in and day-out. With much better visual and features, you can expect awesomeness through playing this game.

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