After nearly 20 years, Patrick Stewart has returned to the "Star Trek" universe with his new show "Star Trek: Picard" available on CBS All Access. "Picard" is definitely on its way to becoming one of CBS prime streaming series. It's a series that will draw in both "trekkies" and non "trekkies" alike. After an 18-year break, Admiral Jean-Luc Picard is back, but this time he's living the retired life. "Picard" is going where no "Star Trek" series has gone before.

"Picard" takes place 20 years after the events of "Star Trek: Nemesis," the final big-screen appearance by the original crew of "TNG," and years after Jean-Luc Picard retired to his family's vineyard.

While he is enjoying his retirement, we eventually learned retirement was forced upon him by the actions of Starfleet and the incident that took place on Mars. The first three episodes explain what happened and how Picard plays a part in it.

Jean-Luc Picard is at the center of the mystery

Picard is suddenly drawn away from his vineyard, by a mysterious young lady named Dahj. Dahj somehow feels connected to Picard in an unexplained way. We eventually learn that it appears that Picard is the only one who can really help her. Dahj eventually ends up at his home and ends up running into her hunters.

"Picard," is not your average "Star Trek" show; it's a two-part mystery. The first is set in the past, trying to explain what happened on Mars.

The second involves Dahj and who she really is. The show's first three episodes point to the possibility that these two mysteries are tied together, and Picard is somehow the one who can solve these two mysteries. While being a "The Next Generation," fan will help you understand some of the plot points, nothing big is left unexplained.

'Picard' is the most relevant show from the franchise

"Star Trek" has become a show that is driven by ideas and beliefs. "Picard," takes it one step further with plenty of ethical ideas, such as "What if Starfleet put aside politics for the sake of lives?" The "Picard" showrunners are focused on how the show can make sense in this new decade, when "Star Trek," was out of the spotlight for the past few decades.

Great news for fans, even three episodes in out of a ten-episode season, "Picard," is definitely getting stronger and could even get better and surprise fans with surprises and twists. Unlike the days of old, there are people now who refuse to work together for the better of mankind.

"Star Trek" is a series built on "institutions," like The Federation. This new series looks at what happens when those trusted institutions fail. "Picard," has definitely been influenced by the current political struggle. "Picard" is definitely one of the most relevant series CBS has right now. Fans will have to wait and see what happens next, as the second episode will release next Thursday on CBS All Access. As a fan, I'm so excited to see Patrick Stewart back in action, whether it's on the Enterprise or at his vineyard.