"Star Trek" has finally announced a prequel comic tied to "Star Trek: Picard." It has finally answered why the hero lost faith in the Federation. This change creates a new layer to the future for the "Star Trek" franchise, with Patrick Stewart returning to the role of Jean-Luc Picard.

The upcoming "Star Trek: Picard" series will take place near the end of the 24th century, and the trailers already released made it clear the Admiral has fallen from grace. Something major has caused him to question his faith in the Federation and he retires to live at his family vineyard in France.

It's no doubt he's living a lonely life in isolation since his older brother and nephew tragically died in a fire. What could take a man like Picard to this shocking end? The answer will surprise fans.

'Countdown' addresses Romulan Empire's impending disaster

IDW just released the official tie-in comic for the upcoming "Star Trek: Picard," which links to prior comics published in 2009 to coincide with JJ Abrams' relaunch of the popular franchise. All these tie-ins finally give us answers. "Countdown," is set in the year 2385, just two years before the destruction of Romulus. While the Romulan Empire attempted to hide the impending disaster, the Federation's scientists discovered it, and Admiral Picard takes the lead on convincing the Romulans to accept the Federation's help.

Picard personally organized evacuations across the Romulan Empire, working against the Romulans' secrecy and distrust of outsiders. This is one of the greatest challenges Picard and Starfleet has ever had to deal with. Starfleet is investing a massive amount of resources in an attempt to evacuate the massive Romulan Empire before it's destroyed.

Admiral Picard is confident and believes that Starfleet is winning over their old enemies.

Picard's world is shattered by what the Romulans are really doing

Picard's world is shattered when he's faced with the hidden reality of the Romulan Empire. Picard is taken to the hidden colony Yuyat Beta, and learns that the Romulans are using the native population as slaves.

Picard realizes that Starfleet is rescuing the Romulans while leaving behind the number of races.

Near the end of the issue, Jean-Luc says that after years of hard work and struggles it was all for naught. The story is not over, as the issue ends on a cliffhanger. However, it's clear that it's become a defining moment in Admiral Picard's life, and has had his faith in the Federation shattered.

This could explain why Jean-Luc returns to action. "Star Trek: Picard" trailers reveals that the Romulans were holding Borg as prisoners, and possibly as slaves. Picard would object to those being freed from the "Collective" being taken as slaves. The issue of Romulans' slavery broke him and their slavery is what could bring Picard back into action.