There is an increase in the number of homeless people in the United States. In 2018, the figure was about 553,000 and in 2019, it went up to 568,000. These are official figures and the majority of them were non-whites. When it comes to Homeless families with children, there is a glaring disparity. African Americans constitute more than 52 percent and whites account for about 35 percent. It is a complicated problem and the administration will have to evolve suitable strategies to overcome it. There is a need for specialists to examine the issue in-depth and find out the reasons for the situation.

Homeless people occupy the open spaces and encroach on private properties. They ultimately spoil the image of the surroundings and destabilize the Environment.

ABC News quotes the report as saying, "African Americans have remained considerably overrepresented among the homeless population compared to the U.S. population." The U.S. Housing and Urban Development report undertook the study and data was collected for a single night in January 2019. The report based on the data tries to highlight some relevant aspects that include efforts made to end the crisis of the homeless, which is on the rise.

It also tries to focus on the need to reset some of the policies based on ground realities because different communities would have different requirements.

Homeless people are an eyesore

It is a fact that the United States has a problem with its population of the homeless that is on the rise. These people could be in this category due to circumstances beyond their control or by choice.

Whatever be the reason, the administration has to react in an appropriate manner. It is a social stigma and should be discouraged. The authorities have to react in a positive way because poverty is a pointer. This parameter reveals about 21 percent of African Americans live in poverty, which is more than the rate of whites.

ABC News tries to analyze the reasons why the number of homeless African Americans are comparatively more. The news outlet feels this could be due to a combination of several factors like discrimination and inequalities within various systems of housing, criminal justice, and health care systems. As an official of National Alliance to End Homelessness says, "This year's report is as an urgent call to action to federal, state, and local leaders." The system is to blame as are leaders who have missed taking proper action at the proper time.

America and its problem of the homeless

According to Buzzfeed News, a report by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development indicates a not-too-happy picture of the homeless in America. The report says non-whites constitute 13 percent of the population of the US but surprisingly represent more than 39.8 percent of the homeless. In addition, the proportion of non-whites burdened with children and who were homeless last year was more than the whites were. It is, therefore, necessary to draw up policies that target the root of the problem because there appear to be inequalities. Concerned authorities should rectify these and ensure the removal of anomalies.

Homeless people tarnish the image

The United States is one of the super-powers in the world. It wants to revisit the moon with plans of colonizing the red planet Mars. There are enormous sums allocated for the military but in its backyard, there is a problem of the homeless. Homeless people often encroach into the properties of others and litter their surroundings with unwanted material. Some of them are into drugs and throw away the needles when done with which could lead to health issues for others. These, on the whole, tarnish the image of Uncle Sam.