While the first three episodes seemed like traditional "Star Wars," "Sanctuary" feels like a restart. The popular "child" is back to being a wanted fugitive. The Mandalorian finds a backwater planet to lay low for a while, as he helps a village of farmers deal with raiders that assault their village regularly. While the episode may have been fun at times, it had serious problems, making it the weakest of the show so far.

While the episode may have been weak, it wasn't all bad. The cinematography, action, and locations are very appealing and interesting.

It's clear from every scene, that Disney is putting a lot of money into "The Mandalorian." The fishing village feels quaint while feeling lived in and homely. The set design and makeup for the raiders are top-notch.

'The Mandalorian' struggles with its minimalist approach

While the show looks great, it's hit a point where Disney's minimalist approach is a hindrance, most notably with the Mandalorian. He's got a closer relationship with "the Child," but he's still as engaging as the Mandalorian armor he's wearing. The Mandalorian has hardly any personality. We do manage to learn a bit about him, how he was adopted into the clan he was a child, but that was just backstory.

His lack of characterization stands out when he's compared to the new characters introduced in this episode.

The Mandalorian meets a mercenary named Cara Dune, who was once a member of the Rebellion. The character who really stood out was widowed farmer Omera. Omera shows her emotions when she's defending her homeland.

'Baby Yoda' taking social media by storm

Pedro Pascal has become a star playing the mysterious bounty hunter, but that can only last for so long.

During the original trilogy, there was a sect of die-hard Boba Fett fans. However, some fans have written off Boba Fett as being "boring" and "not having any substance". The Mandalorian has the substance, but with little character.

For the past two weeks, "the Child" or "Baby Yoda," has taken over social media, complete with memes and gifs about him.

Chapter 4, has many cute moments that will probably end up as memes. It was interesting to see "Star Wars" shift more towards Eastern influences, like the Japanese-inspired location.

The first three episodes could be turned into a two-hour movie that would draw you in. "The Mandalorian" receives a bounty to find the Child, gets stranded with the Child, takes him under his wing, and makes himself a target for bounty hunters. Now we want to know what happens next. The Mandalorian realizes the Child can never really know peace, and will always have a target on his back. A haunting lesson, knowing that "Mando" has to take care of a target being hunted by Empire sympathizers. "Sanctuary" appears to be an episode that most of the events in it will not really impact the future of the show.