If I told you two months ago that by this time Don Cherry and Mike Babcock would've been fired would you have believed it was possible? It's safe to say that it was only a matter of time before the Leafs organization was going to fire Mike Babcock. The Toronto Maple Leafs are 3-5-2 in their last 10 games and have lost six in a row. The Toronto Maple Leafs President and Alternate Governor Brendan Shanahan announced on November 20 that Mike Babcock has been relieved of his coaching duties and Sheldon Keefe has been named the Club’s new head coach.

The coaching system and technique that Babcock was using was old and significantly not working for the team. Mike Commodore had some bittersweet things to say on Twitter about his view of Mike Babcock.

Farewell to Babcock

It has ultimately been a waiting game for fans as they knew that Babcock's job was on the line. The Toronto Maple Leafs have been underperforming and after spending five seasons with the organization, Babcock failed to get the team past the first round of the playoffs.

But now that Babcock is gone, it is time for the Leafs to stand up and be accountable. It is time to play like you were paid to. Some fans feel as though the Leaf players had enough of Mike Babcock and ultimately quit on him. My take on Mike Babcock is this. I have felt for months that he had lost the room. I am in no way not putting some of the blame on the players because after all, they are all accountable.

However, when any team isn’t buying into the coaches' system it’s a recipe for trouble.

Mike Babcock's last win as a Leaf was the 700th of his career. When looking at the time Babcock spent with the organization certain things have to be taken into consideration.

Babcock took no blame after game seven last year. He criticized the Muzzin trade because he didn’t shoot right, and he made Josh Leivo and Justin Holl who could have helped the team rot in the press box. In addition, he made the decision to not play Spezza on opening night when Spezza came here on a league-minimum. Mike Babcock being fired has been a long time coming. He should have been gone at the start of the season, so the Leafs wouldn't have been in the hole they're currently in now. Is Babcock more hated in the Leafs fan base than Wilson and Carlyle were? Or is that simply recency bias? Mike Babcock and the Leafs were just not a good match, as his coaching style didn't fit with the Leafs roster.

What's next?

The Leafs can no longer blame Babcock for their woes. Despite some things that he has done that haven't been the wisest choices, Mike Babcock has done all he can to try and win at every level where he's coached. Toronto fans have had and continue to have Stanley Cup dreams, which can't be fulfilled overnight. There’s a saying that things happen in three’s...big names fired and for different reasons. First, it was Don Cherry and then Babcock...who’s next?