Soap fans are tenacious, demanding and receiving results when they band together. Loyal viewers of "The Young and the Restless" let their voices be heard and they were heeded. The result was a head writer being fired, and several beloved characters being brought back to the daytime drama. Those who enjoy watching "General Hospital" have the potential to do the same. The outcry for Paul Williams was twelve months long and the plea for Adam Newman was two and one-half years. It's time for all who desire the Cassadine prince to be back in action, stop talking about it and take action to see Tyler Christopher or a recast on the air.

'Y&R' fans made changes happen

Mal Young took over as head writer on "The Young and the Restless" and changed the entire dynamic of Genoa City. Fans were so alarmed they demanded that he be fired, and CBS listened. Young was out and new head writer Josh Griffith is taking steps to restore the soap to its glory days. Doug Davidson was rehired as Paul Williams and the role of Adam Newman was recast. Davidson was off the show for an entire year, and Victor Newman's son was presumed dead in October 2016. For two and one-half years there were spoiler alerts and rumors that Nick and Victoria's brother would return and now he is back.

Mark Grossman was cast as the prodigal son in part because the loyal fans made it happen.

The tenacity of the "Y&R" viewers is amazing and the power they wield should be taken note of. Josh Griffith is heeding the voice of those who watch the CBS daytime drama and it is paying off with increased ratings. Those who watch "General Hospital" should make their wishes known to longtime head writer Frank Valenti regarding a return of Nikolas Cassadine.

GH fans can bring Nicolas back

Nikolas Cassadine was presumed dead in 2016, but no body was ever found after Valentin shot him. The new heir to Windemere has always been vague when accused of killing Laura's son. Rumors have swirled that a replacement might take over the role, or that Tyler Christopher will return as the dark prince of Port Charles.

"GH" fans got their hopes up that Nic might show up during the Nurses Balls of 2017 and 2018 and were let down when he did not. The viewers who love this ABC daytime drama should express their views as strongly as "Y&R" fans did and expect results.

Frank Valenti has not shown himself to be moved by the fans but a decrease in ratings along with an outcry from those who keep his show on the air may generate some changes. This is why "General Hospital" who desire answers related to the alleged death of Nikolas should continue pushing to get the truth. There are a lot of loose ends that need to be tied up, and a return of the Cassadine prince would do just that. Whether it's Tyler Christopher or a recast, the fans can and should make it happen.