The Los Angeles Lakers failed to produce this season. There's no way to look at this season and see anything other than failure. Even with the signing Lebron James, the LA Lakers have failed to make a name for themselves.

The New York Times says when discussing Lebron's performance, it's worth noting that the Cleveland Cavaliers were criticized for not putting a strong team around LeBron James too. However, Cleveland managed to reach the NBA Finals every season in LeBron's second season with the team. Failing to reach postseason play with a star like LeBron is a clear cut failure and disaster.

LeBron James delivered teams an NBA Finals title

It's been almost three years since LeBron delivered the greatest NBA Finals comeback in NBA history. Lebron is still at his prime. LeBron has averaged more points, rebounds, and assists per game this season, than during his 2015-2016 season. James is actually playing .1 minute less per game and has improved when it comes to scoring from the 3-point and 2-point range. When he delivers, he is still the NBA's top player.

No matter where he plays, he brings drama and leaves many questioning his motives. While he doesn't try hard every time he has the ball, it doesn't matter. LeBron could become the greatest player of all time. LeBron is definitely worth whatever drama comes with him to the locker room.

FiveThirtyEight has said that LeBron is not to blame for the Lakers sitting 10th in the West and have a slim chance of making the playoffs.

The Lakers are struggling because of lack of shooting talent

The Lakers have struggled in part because of Lonzo Ball sitting out 14 games due to an ankle injury. While having Ball on the court may help, it might not have helped enough.

However, a team with LeBron should be stronger than this. Lonzo Ball being sidelined should not be the difference between making the playoffs or missing them.

When LeBron missed playing time, the Lakers ended up going 6-12 without him. A team with an elite player like LeBron should not even have to worry about missing the postseason.

The Lakers have struggled in part to their lack of shooting. The Lakers are 21st in 3-point shots per game and 28th in 3-point percentage. Los Angeles has only two players who shoot more than 35 percent from the three-point line. This season was an epic disaster, leaving many to wonder whether the front office will fire Luke Walton or keep him on for another season. The Lakers also faced the embarrassing failure to recruit Anthony Davis.