As much as it may seem like it, nothing in our lives happens by chance. Every future moment is based on our previous thoughts and actions. Every experience we are going through is the one we need. No matter how pressing our circumstances may seem, everything that is happening to us is happening to us to make us better individuals and force us to grow as human beings. From the moment we are born, we are given the tools with which to forge our path to fulfillment and get everything we want from life, but it is up to us to discover what those tools are.

What do our circumstances mean?

Our lives and our circumstances do not happen to us, but for us. There are no shortcuts, there is no way to cheat the system. Things will not always happen the way we want them to. Sometimes quite the opposite occurs, but the universe will always give us the circumstances that we need to endure and show us the things we need to see in order to develop throughout our lives. We may not always get what we wish for but perhaps we can get what we work for, and are meant to receive. Our lives can change at any moment.

Some of our most significant experiences of pain are endured through times of idleness or stagnation because we grow comfortable and can sometimes find ourselves in the same circumstances over and over again.

Mark Twain had a famous saying that goes "the definition of insanity is continuously doing the same thing yet expecting different results." We are designed to constantly be growing and developing.

How can we push through?

The best thing that we can do for our future, is to learn from previous errors and center in every moment which we are given to grow and adapt to the ever-changing environment to meet our own individual means.

Every moment which we are given is meant for us utilize to the utmost of our extent. I know that each moment may seem small and insignificant, but we must realize that our next moment is never guaranteed, so we must make use of each one that we are given.

We always get what we attract by the way we are at the moment. Do not focus on a past that cannot be changed, nor on a future that may not come, as all we have is now.

Our lives always happen in the present moment and nowhere else. Always be thankful and cherish each second, for no matter what each one brings, as long as you have them, you are capable to endure, persist, and eventually prosper in any circumstance you encounter, and every endeavor you wish to fulfill.