Much to the delight of everyone on the planet who enjoys a good laugh, Carol Burnett is back on television! Netflix has given the legendary comedian the opportunity to grace our television screens again in her new show, "A Little Help With Carol Burnett." which is, not surprisingly, incredibly charming and sweet. The show's premise is reminiscent of Art Linkletter's television show from the 1950's, "House Party," where the host calls upon a group of kids to discuss a variety of topics. In Burnett's case, she calls upon a panel of five precocious kids to help her solve an issue; each episode centers around a different topic and features a few celebrity guests to get some much-needed life advice.

Co-host Russell Peters also interacts with the kids in mini-segments and gives the viewer some inside scoop on the do's and don't's of kindergarten etiquette!

Carol calls upon some friends for help

The first episode of the twelve-episode season features Lisa Kudrow, who is in need of advice on how to properly schedule her day without overlapping events. In a mini-segment, we learn Kudrow has a very important business lunch and also has a friend who is badly in need of a shoulder to lean on. Fittingly, she presents her friend-centric dilemma to the cast of kids, who had been introduced to the audience with matching personalities of "Friends" characters. The kids' answers to Lisa's problems are the real appeal for the show.

One kid suggests she not have any friends, because not having friends around makes it easier to "work and relax." The kids are also very intent on making sure Lisa considers her friends' feelings, making sure she knows to be polite when she suggests rescheduling the two events. Of course, the highlight of Kudrow's appearance for me, was when one kid softly asks her, "what is Friends?"

Kids get right to the point

To continue the kiddie extravaganza, the kids come to the aid of Jake, who needs advice on how to nicely tell his friend that she absolutely cannot sing.

The answers vary from the blunt, ("don't tell her!) to the incredibly considered intricate scenario ("give her own private singing room!") The precocious and to-the-point advice is especially appealing in their interactions with Carol. The show's running gag of having the kids attempt to bring Burnett into the 21st century, with hip slang and references to Instagram, is the element which will keep viewers engaged and watching twelve episodes worth of kid hijinks.

Parents will especially enjoy the skit featuring Burnett being interviewed at Netflix by a youngster who tells Carol about his winning soccer trophy that everyone else also received, in response to Carol mentioning an Emmy nod.

For anyone with an interest in comedy, "A Little Help With Carol Burnett" should be a requirement in your Netflix queue. Of course, the show is a perfect example of family entertainment; adults have the chance to enjoy the same comfort comedy that Carol was always famous for, and the kids get the enjoyment of seeing kids just like them, being spoken to just as they were one of the adults. The often cliche idea of "going home again" is present on the show, but it's sure to be forgiven once viewers notice Carol perform her signature ear-pull at the conclusion of the episode!