If you're like me, you might be wondering what you can do with your old iPod these days. Don't worry about getting rid of your beloved companion; your iPod can be used to listen to podcasts. Podcasts are taking over social media as an informative outlet, during today's constant stream of news and different sources of information. On the other hand, if you're looking to take a break from political commentary, podcasts can be a really good source of entertainment. If you can think of a specific subject or go through your various interests, there's definitely a chance a podcast exists surrounding it.

I am a huge fan of Popular Culture, so I love a good podcast about my favorite TV shows and music. When I'm feeling "off" and want to try and make sense of something, I love to check out a good self-help podcast; sometimes, listening to people talk about what you're going through is incredibly helpful! If you're interested in breaking into the realm of podcasts, I've made a list of my favorite listens this month.

'Nobody Cares (Except For Me)'

Writer and "internet person" Anne T. Donahue launched her podcast a month ago, and it's absolutely perfect for the pop culture consumer. Honestly, the premise of this podcast is right up my alley: Anne features a guest and they discuss a subject the guest is obsessed with, and they feel others really need to know about.

The most recent episode features writer Stacey McGunnigle, and the pair discuss Stacey's favorite flick, "Dirty Dancing." For those of you who still harbor a crush on Patrick Swayze's beloved character Johnny Castle, this episode and entire podcast is for you. Listening to "Nobody Cares" makes me feel like I'm hanging out with my best friend, and I'm hoping Anne and I will be best friends one day, honestly.

'My Favorite Murder'

One of the most popular podcasts right now, "My Favorite Murder" is a true crime podcast hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark. The duo discuss a true crime case in each episode, and you nearly forget you're listening to some brutal content; Karen and Georgia recall every detail of the cases meticulously, and for someone who was never previously interested in true crime stories, I'm always ready to proclaim myself a sleuth by the end of the episode.

Yesterday's episode profiled the capturing of the "Golden State Killer," who was responsible for many unsolved murders in the 70s and 80s in California; listening to Karen and Georgia's excitement was so contagious as this long overdue victory came to light.


My very first podcast, Buzzfeed's Kelsey Darragh and Kate Peterman have created an awesome source for 20-somethings attempting to navigate adulthood. Kelsey and Kate have frank discussions about every topic under the sun of interest to millennials. I discovered "Adultsh1t" during a period of transition in my life after college, and Kelsey and Kate felt like your older sisters who had it all figured out. What's so great about "Adultsh1t," however, is that Kelsey and Kate are quick to point out that they most certainly do not have everything figured out and they know how important it is to share what they have learned to make our experiences a little easier!

'Armchair Expert With Dax Shepard'

One of my favorite activities is to sit around with a friend and just talk. I don't always have an idea of where the conversation will go, but I'm always sure we'll get to know something new about each other by the end of the conversation. When I'm not talking to my friends, there's a good chance I'm listening to a podcast featuring people engaging in conversation. If you're interested in getting to know your favorite celebrities on a personal level, Actor Dax Shepard has a podcast where he has intricate conversations with a whole cast of Hollywood's best. Dax is such a personable host and I love how he is able to bring his guests to reveal intimate information without coming across as being an invasion of privacy.

A highlight episode for me features Shepard's "Parenthood" co-star Lauren Graham; It's impressive and comforting to hear Dax and Lauren cover topics and tell stories they had not previously known in their decade-long friendship, reminding listeners that the conversations are legitimate.

'I Hate It But I Love It'

My current favorite podcast, "I Hate It But I Love It" is hosted by writers Kat Angus and Jocelyn Geddie, who discuss wildly popular films and TV shows they both hate and love. They are so unapologetic as they dissect what is problematic about much loved popular culture, which can be so refreshing for those who feel like they're alone in disliking popular media, or want to discuss bothersome aspects that are often overlooked. I was so excited to discover this podcast because I sometimes feel alone in my ability to nitpick issues in films or TV shows. If you're like me, "I Hate It But I Love It" is a must!