Men typically have a strong desire for power and control. They feel more comfortable when they are in charge of a situation rather than having a woman be in charge. This could be why so many men have strong opinions on how women should look, act, and speak.

Steve Taylor has researched the psychology of male dominance throughout history. According to Taylor, "until recent times, women throughout Europe, Middle East and Asia were unable to have any influence over the political, religious, or cultural lives of their societies."

In some countries, a woman would be punished for a man's crime.

According to Taylor, the punishment for sexual assault in ancient Assyria was the handing over of the perpetrator’s wife to the husband of his victim, to use as he desired. Fortunately, women have been granted more rights in many cultures, especially throughout Europe and America. However, in some parts of the world, like the Middle East, "male dominance and oppression continues." According to Taylor, men "deny women the right to make decisions so that they can make them for them, leave women unable to direct their own lives so that they can direct their lives for them."

Womb envy

Psychoanalyst Karen Horney coined the term womb envy. This is related to the idea that men are jealous of the fact that only women can get pregnant and give birth.

According to Lindsy Hockenberry, this could explain why some men "deny women equal rights, demonize the female body and sexuality, have blamed women for the downfall of society, and explain why men are so obsessed with controlling women’s reproductive health and abortion."

Another example of womb envy is the aggravation men feel when women breastfeed in public places.

The female body is designed to carry out a pregnancy, give birth, and care for the baby afterwards. Breastfeeding is of course part of this. When it comes to over-sexualizing women's bodies, it seems that men think staring at a woman's chest is completely acceptable. However, when the woman is using her body for its actual purpose that has no benefit to them, all of a sudden it's a problem.

Stance on abortion

A survey was conducted asking if men should have a say in abortion. According to, 60 percent said yes, while 40 percent said no.

According to CNN, Iowa lawmakers have recently passed a new abortion ban. This would prevent doctors from performing an abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected, which generally occurs around six weeks into the pregnancy. Some issues that arise from this are of course women's rights when it comes to their own bodies, and the fact that many women may not even realize they're pregnant prior to this time frame. According to CNN, many of the bill's supporters want a legal fight and hope the decision will make its way to the Supreme Court.