To the people who ask why I like yoga, it's because it is Pretty awesome. To the people who ask me how I got so flexible, it's because I do yoga. To the people who ask me why I do yoga all the time, it's because I love it. To the people who ask me how I stay fit, my answer is by doing yoga.

Some people ask me how I got strong, am so calm, and still, and my answer is the same every time. It is because of doing yoga.

People say I am obsessed, so what?

It is fine to be a yoga-nut. Any person who seriously does yoga will tell you that they are too, as once you find your niche with it, the never really goes away.

When I get any kind of sports injury - any injury period, I fall back on yoga.

There is always some way to modify and accommodate a lack of strength and lack of ability, and eventually, it will grow as yoga is a guide to help you improve yourself.

How are you so flexible?

I often have people tell me that they aren’t flexible enough to do yoga, and they could never be able to. The thing is, it is by going yoga that I have become flexible. I have never met anyone who is truly, naturally flexible. Every person that has ever told me that has a dance or gymnastic background.

As nobody is naturally flexible, the best way to increase flexibility (or stretchability) is to: surprise - stretch! You have to practice and get better.

There is no quick fix to not being flexible. There is no quick fix to not being good at yoga or dance or gymnastics. It takes time, patience, practice, and effort.

Sometimes it is hard to set aside time. You can’t dedicate tons of time to yoga every day - sometimes you have to live your life and get other things done. But it’s the little things.

When you feel stiff or sore - just stop and stretch for a second. It doesn’t have to be anything drastic or high intensity. Just reach towards your toes for a second when you are standing for a long period of time.

Just raise your hands in the air, rotate your shoulders or neck, just let your body release and stretch the way it needs to.

What is yoga about?

It is about releasing tension and creating space in your body. It is about finding ways to release tension that has been built up from living your daily life. It can be gently worked in pretty regularly. The best part? If one day, you suddenly do have extra time? You can do a longer yoga session if you want.

Yoga clothes

You can be super fun and fancy, or not. You can put on "fun" or "silly" or "lame" yoga clothes. They are soft and moveable. There is no color or material preference. Wear what you feel comfortable moving in. You can pull out yoga clothes, mats, blocks, wheels, straps, or any of the fun props people play with.

Or you can put on your favorite playlist and just move to music you love for a little while.

If the world feels like too much - retreat for a minute and just do some yoga.

It will help you to:

  • Reset.
  • Pause.
  • Find a balance.
  • Stretch.
  • It’s up to you

Yoga is all about choices and learning. Personally, I like strength and balance poses. I like seeing if I can support all of my weight on my hands. I like to spend time upside down. I am actually really bad at pure flexibility poses. But they all go hand in hand. Some days you focus on flexibility and some days you focus on strength. Sometimes it’s both and sometimes it's neither.

Other times, you can just release tension. Just move slowly and breathe then rest and take it easy. And some days? You just want to go to the gym, or run, or watch a movie. You don’t have to do it every day, but you can if you want to.

Yoga is as flexible as it helps you to be.