meditation helps in reducing your stress levels. It helps you overcome even the deepest fears you have in your heart. It ensures comfort when you are emotionally broken and it also promises to make your life better.

But, in one way or another, have you ever thought what meditation does to your brain? According to a research, it has the ability to change your brain. When you meditate, you are manipulating your brain in a positive way.

Meditation and human brain

According to Forbes, meditation boosts your memory. It talks about the study of UCLA. It states that those who meditate have better-preserved brains than those who don't meditate at all.

When they examined the voluntary participants who meditate on a daily basis, they learned that the process had an amazing effect on different regions of their entire brain. They could remember things more vividly than those who don't meditate. Also, they learned that meditators can control their emotions, which are directly related to the human brain.

Studies prove that meditation improves the behavior of depressed individuals as well. It helps in conquering depression since your brain is changed in a positive way.

Studies prove that meditation decreases the activity in the "Me Center" of the brain. This "Me Center" is the medial prefrontal cortex, which holds all the experiences that you go through in your life, along with your personal perspective about different things and situations.

When the activity in this part of your brain is decreased, your anxiety level is reduced. Also, this is part of the brain is responsible for different emotions. When your "Me Center" has fewer thoughts due to meditation, your emotions are balanced and controlled.

The concentration power

With the help of meditation, the brain can be developed to focus on one thing at a time.

Even if you multi-task, your brain has enough strength to give sufficient attention to every single thing you do. All the disturbances are blocked when you meditate.

Harvard Neuroscientists state that your brain begins changing after eight weeks of regular meditation. Ten minutes of daily meditation can change your brain. All the stressful situations in your life can be dealt with, thanks to meditation.

Meditation also allows a person to tolerate physical pain in a stronger way. You just have to focus on what's within you in order to make the world around you a better place to live.