Our Path to self-fulfillment in our lives begins the moment that we are born. It is what we seek most; it is about what we truly want in our lives and the impact which we wish to make in the world. It is about how we can bring our own unique talents and capabilities and affect the world for the better. Always follow your path to righteousness for it will result in the life you've always wanted, as well as give others theirs.

Why do you see yourself unfulfilled?

There are some reasons that some of us may walk on this earth feeling unsatisfied or unfulfilled in our lives.

One of the greatest things about being human is the imbalance which occurs in life. Everything that happens in our lives is created to be a learning experience, for if you constantly think of something as a problem, you will only create more problems, but if you focus on possibilities, you will create opportunities. Life is nothing but opportunities if you look at it the right way -- every moment that passes is a moment that something great can be forged.

These are opportunities to evolve and reveal the strength that is hidden within each and every one of us. Instead of focusing on what's tearing you apart, focus on what's holding you together, for the fire that burns inside of you is brighter than any darkness that is shed upon you.

Our problems are only guidelines to show us where we need to be in life. Always make the most of every opportunity that comes your way and keep moving forward. No matter where you are in life, it is not so much where you stand, but the direction in which you are moving.

Our path to self-fulfillment is more accessible than you may think

Our lives are designed by what we need to do. The only real way to be self-fulfilled in our lives is to follow the path that we were meant to. We are given our passions and dreams to guide us as to where we want to be. Choosing the latter options in life will not provide us with the life we deserve or what we want in the end, for you will spend your later years in regret.

Life can be like a card game. Our quality of lives is determined by how satisfied we are with our hand that we were dealt and how we play it. You are never able to change your hand, and you never need to. Never wish you had someone else's, for you were not meant to play their game. Do not ever fold, I assure you, you were given a winning hand, and with enough time and effort, we can all have the most exceptional lives that we deserve, and that we are capable of achieving.