As we proceed on through our lives aspiring to achieve our goals and aspirations, we are consistently presented with challenges that try their hardest to push us away from making them. One of the things that can sometimes slow us down is how we look at our goals. We are always told to keep the end goal in mind, but the end goal can sometimes be viewed as a daunting feat and seems too far away, causing us to lose motivation.

Always look to see how far you've come

No Matter how far along in the process we are from achieving whatever it is we seek to accomplish, one of the ways that we can stay motivated is to look back and see how far we've come.

Kyle Maynard, who after overcoming disabilities became a world-renowned mountain climber, presents the concept that one of his key motivators was to not always focus on the summit but to turn around and view the base to remind himself how far he has come. Looking back at what we've accomplished puts us in the mindset of "I've come this far, so I cannot turn back now or I will throw away all of my efforts."

Noticing our previous accomplishments also gives us a sense of pride in what we are capable of achieving. No matter where you are, I assure you, you have completed many great things in your life which you had previously thought you were incapable of achieving. Always be confident in your potential, for we are all born with greatness.

No matter how hard it may seem, no matter how high the summit is, always remember why you started, rise against the odds, and never give up, for everything in which you seek could be closer than you think.

What can our past show us?

Looking back at our past can help us in all aspects of our lives, it can force us to learn from our mistakes, it can guide us as to where we need to go, and it can show us that our past doesn't determine our future.

Looking into our history opens our eyes to the person we once were and never will be again. Looking back at our previous errors, we must realize that it is not necessarily our fault the first time they occur, but they are if we allow them to happen again.

Another critical factor in our past that we must realize is that our history can never be changed.

It is good to look back at our past to learn but we must not dwell too far into it for it will only put us into despair because we will only seek to change it. Our past can never be changed, and as much as we may wish for it to be replaced, our history is sometimes designed to show us some of life's most essential lessons. Never allow your past to dictate your future, for the future is all we have to better ourselves and give ourselves the Greatest lives that we are capable of and deserve.