Our lives can become tremendously chaotic at times. There are times when we feel weak, times that we feel that we simply can't take anymore and that no matter what we do, our situation will not improve even the slightest. From the pressures of what outside Society wants us to be, to our personal problems we face on a day to day basis, we can sometimes lose ourselves in the darkness that the world exhibits and feel as if we can no longer control our lives or what occurs around us.

How can society change us?

We are all born different, unique, and special in our own ways.

Yet, the moment we are born, we are pressed by society, even by our own family members, to believe in certain things, behave a certain way, and this potentially pushes us to achieve some things that we might not seek. We are at times forced to be our untrue selves in order to fit into modern society.

This can have detrimental effects on us in the long run. It may force us to believe in certain things that we know are morally wrong or it could force us to pursue a career that we are simply not interested in or we were not born to achieve. If it is against our truest nature, going along with society can rob us of the life we were meant to live. We were not born to fit in, we were born to be ourselves.

There are other things in nature and in the world that can force us to break and lose ourselves and make us feel as if our whole world is crashing down upon us.

Our problems can only break us if we allow them to

Anything that seems to broken can always be put back together, and anything that is lost can always be found. Whenever you feel as if the world is crashing down on you, always remember that no amount of rubble that lies above you can prevent you from rising back to your feet.

Our lives are not meant for the weary and you would not have been given this opportunity had you not proved yourself strong enough. Finding yourself is simply remembering what you are capable of and what your purpose is. If you look back on your life and look at everything which you've endured, you may come to the conclusion that what you're currently going through isn't the worst you've encountered, finally leading you to the realization that circumstances never last.

If you're having a bad day, month, or year, remember that your lives are never determined by your current position. There is a famous quote by Nicole Reid that goes "Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us." Never forget who you are and allow the storm to pass, for brighter days simply involve allowing the clouds to clear. Everything will be ok, for our greatest days are found at the opposite of our darkest.