Jake Paul was mired in a wide range of issue over his pranks for the last couple of months. In July, the social media influencer received complaints from his neighbors for allegedly turning the community into a "living hell" with his dangerous stunts which involved burning of furniture in the backyard and inviting his fans to come over his place.

Jake Paul slammed for dangerous stunts and racist comments

According to reports, several members of the community filed a complaint against Jake Paul for turning the neighborhood into a circus. The YouTube star, however, showed no remorse and refused to apologize to his neighbors for causing chaos.

“The neighbors hate me,” he told KTLA. "I mean, people like going to circuses.”

After he was questioned about the incident, Jake Paul and his team were almost unstoppable when they started running around through the streets before they climbed on top of a news van and yelled at the crowd of people. One complainant said their neighborhood turned into a "war zone" when the Social Media Influencer moved to his rental home.

"We’re families here and we’re more than happy to have them live here if they’re respectful of their neighbors, but they’re not," it added.

Before the issue could even die down, Jake Paul was linked to another controversy for his racist remarks towards a foreign fan. While filming one of his videos, the former Disney star was approached by a Jake Pauler with an accent.

When he asked where he was from, the fan responded that he was from Kazakhstan to which the internet personality replied with a terrorist joke.

Fans and critics alike were quick to slam the former "Bizaardvark" star that led to the #JakePaulIsOverParty campaign on Twitter.

Aside from losing some of his subscribers, Jake Paul lost his gig with Disney Channel after 18 months of participating in their "Bizaardvark" series.

Both sides insisted that the decision was mutually agreed upon before social media influencer explained his desire to focus on building his YouTube channel. He also revealed that he and his team are working on more mature acting roles.

The Internet personality shares diss track on himself

After he saw the aftermath of his behavior, Jake Paul released a diss track, titled "F*ck Jake Paul," to criticize himself for his past mistakes.

At the end of the video, the controversial personality acknowledged his wrongdoings and promised to strive in becoming a better person.

“The bottom line is you’re right when you’re hating on me,” he said. "I do make a lot of mistakes, like a lot. But as a message for everyone else, if you're like getting hated on, if you're getting bullied, don't let it get you down."

Before he ended his video, Jake Paul asked his subscribers to join his #JakePaulRoastChallenge and upload their diss tracks on him.