Arriving in 2015, "Mad Max" arrived at the PlayStation family for free this month. Its namesake, "Mad Max: Fury Road," was a grandiose hit film. The game centers on protagonist Max, where you travel around many different areas in a huge world in a car with a hunchback named Chumbucket, who is a weird character, to say the least.

Right from the start, it is a vengeance story as Max wants to defeat Lord Scrotus who, at the beginning of the game, takes your car which later ends up being destroyed. Max is an interesting character like many in the game, but the other flaws in the game greatly diminish the fun and value.

Right from the start, I can tell you that the video game has its moments, but overall it is just a decent game and an even better one if you get it for free in the last days of April.

A lot of content

I got into this game seeing it for free on the PlayStation Store and made the choice to give it a shot. I always wondered if it was worth the money and if it was even any good, to begin with. This wasteland is filled with a lot of side and main missions, and the side missions include dismantling camps, destroying towers called scarecrows, and scavenging scrap used to upgrade your car, armor, and weapons.

There is so much content in this game. I played through the campaign and it took me 28-29 hours to finish, along with doing side missions, but still with only 50 percent of the game completed.

If you do everything in the game, it could take you up to 50-60 hours easily. That is one of the great things about it in that it is not short and you can get a lot of action. The story picks up along the way after a slow start where we get to see more about the main character and what has happened to him throughout his life, the pain and tragedies he has had to endure.

"Mad Max" is really a vengeance story and a warrior story as Max battles his way to becoming a skilled fighter and get his revenge on Lord Scrotus for taking his car, among other things he does later in the plot.

Frustrating combat

One of the most frustrating aspects of this game was the combat. The game just resorts to button mashing and parrying enemies attacks, which is just simple and unrewarding.

Max does the same takedowns and moves over and over and with huge groups, it can be so frustrating with enemies around just throwing punches and dying because of many enemies attacking all at once. The controls for the game can be difficult with holding down L1 and the O button to shoot.

Decent game, but flaws ruin the overall value

The video game wasn't horrible, but it could have been a lot better. However, the driving and upgrading of the car can be fun, with flames coming out of the sides and combat with other vehicles and the weapons you can use while driving. And the progression of Max and the car can be rewarding and fun. "Mad Max" also has some intriguing characters throughout that bring life to this world that is absolutely stunning.

There is a lot to do in the game and it is fun to upgrade Max, but more so the vehicle.

The other flaws in the game include cars running you over, while punches from enemies doing more substantial damage. Gamers also need to know that the game is very graphic and disturbing at some points. Overall, "Mad Max" is a decent game that has a good story with interesting characters in a beautiful world, but the combat and repetitive objectives can tend to ruin the fun.

Review: 7.5 out of 10.