The media has given Republicans a reputation that demonizes and antagonizes conservative, and other right-wing views. Most media networks like to throw around the terms: extremist, fascist, radical, lunatic, hack, zealot, gun-toters, country-music listeners, and others. A lot of journalists are quick to slap labels onto a group of people, without understanding what these people believe in and represent. The Republicans, or the Grand Old Party, represent a platform of critical thinking and virtuous pedagogies and with lopsided and skewed media sources, readers don’t get a holistic understanding of their news and other stories.

The American dream

The American dream is an achievable concept that all citizens strive to reach, and a lot of people want to believe that this dream is a myth. It is a goal that all Americans should strive to achieve. This can be done through rebuilding the economy and creating jobs. The belief that “taxation is theft” is imperative to the American Dream. Being competitive, and developing a platform of job amplification, is critical to the prevention of a recession.

The Constitution

This living document has governed our country for over 240 years, and its rules have gotten us through two world wars, the civil rights movement, and everything in between. One of the critical parts of the Constitution is the Bill of Rights, more specifically, the second amendment.

This provision was created with the people in mind, as a precaution in case the government ever became tyrannical. The purpose of the government is to protect the rights of its constituents and to not allow these divine rights to be put up for debate. These rights are unalienable, and deserved by every American citizen, and were only created to protect citizens, in contrast to other beliefs.

The electoral college was established to protect the federal system, and to prevent the National Popular vote from dictating the presidency. This creates a platform for fairness, and equity, to ensure that all states have a more proportionate say.

A government for the people

Abraham Lincoln mentioned during the Gettysburg Address, “[A] government of the people, by the people, for the people – shall not perish from the earth.” The people are the masters of their government, and it shouldn’t be any other way.

Big government is the enemy of what we want, we should have more local and individualized systems of government to keep the power in the people. Immigration is always a touchy subject to discuss, but Republicans believe in maintaining borders and tending to the national interest above all else. Therefore, we support a border wall, not because we are racist against Mexicans and those of Hispanic descent, but because we want to establish the grounds of law. We want citizens to come to this country legally and fulfill their American dream. We also support federal-tribal-state partnerships to reestablish trusts with Native Americans to help them establish a form of government while remaining independent from our regulations.

The Blue Line

No, I’m not talking about the subway that takes people from Wonderland to the Aquarium stop in Boston, but the men and women in blue. We need to adhere to the law, not making exceptions or pardons for those on a racist or sexist basis, but with whatever means necessary.


George Washington discussed the importance of war readiness, and said, “To be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace.” War is never something that we want, however, preparedness is key. Our nation’s military is the best in the world and making sure that it is well-funded is fundamental to the success of our country. Placing limitations and prohibitions on the military prevents the attainment of a state of sound national security.

Supporting the troops is more than a good welcome home party, we can support them by supplying them with adequate resources to do their job. They sacrifice their lives with their families to ensure the preservation of American values and rights, and therefore we are so supportive and advocative for the military. Pro-military does not mean pro-war, it means pro-readiness. We don’t support the draft, because having an all-volunteer force ensures the integrity and honesty of all those that enlist in our armed forces. We need the most dedicated people doing the toughest jobs and want to provide them with the best of care through the Department of Veterans Affairs. This is a system that needs desperate repair, and with a Republican commander-in-chief, we will repair these failures and cannot afford to allow the system to let down our nation’s heroes.

These are the values that Republicans support, so before labeling us as chauvinist, remember that we support the American dream and everyone that dreams of attaining it. Before labeling us as racist, remember that we care about our nation’s borders, and cannot ignore the law. Before labeling us as fascist, remember that supporting our military is something that we should not have to apologize for, that we still have a democracy, that we have a diverse governing population, and that a majority of the time this word is used incorrectly. Before Calling us sexist, bigoted, and misogynist, remember Candace Owens, Tomi Lahren, Judge Jeanine Pirro, and Dana Loesch.