To celebrate "Mega Man's" 30th-anniversary, Capcom decided to release the "Mega Man X" games Collection. According to a report by VG 247, "Capcom will release all eight 'Mega Man X' games on PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One."

A report by Forbes states that two collections will be released. "Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1" will include "Mega Man X," "X2," "X3," and "X4," while "Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2" will have "X5," "X6," "X7," and "X8."

The games can be played in the original resolution as well. The film "The Day of Sigma" will also be included in the collection.

"Mega Man X" trailers and commercials will be included too.

'Mega Man X'

The first game was originally released in 1993 to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.The story takes place sometime in the 22nd century. It also takes place long after the original "Mega Man" series. "Mega Man X" is the successor of the original "Mega Man." X fights alongside Zero and Axl to maintain peace and order in the world. He protects humans and Reploids from maverick Reploids. Mavericks are Reploids who are seen as a threat to society.

Reploids are robots who can think, feel, learn, and grow like humans. To lead the group of Maverick hunters Dr. Cain designs a Reploid that is supposed to be immune to the defect that causes Mavericks.

This Reploid is called Sigma and leads the group of hunters for a while. Eventually, Sigma becomes a Maverick himself. The majority of hunters become Mavericks too. Zero and X become the only remaining hunters.

'The Day of Sigma'

"The Day of Sigma" is a 25-minute long video. It is a prologue to the "Mega Man X" storyline. It explains why Sigma rebelled against humanity.

It also shows the events that lead to the beginning of the game. The story starts with the 17th unit which includes X trying to take down a Maverick. One of the hunters gets taken captive and is used as a shield for the Maverick. X hesitates to shoot the Maverick because he doesn't want to hurt the hunter who was taken captive.

Sigma ends up taking down the Maverick but the hunter who was taken captive loses an arm.

The unit returns to headquarters where X starts to wonder what causes a Reploid to go Maverick. Around this time, Vile, who used to be a member of the 17th unit, is taken away in handcuffs. Sigma reports to Dr. Cain about the events of the day. Sigma states that X has great potential but the fact that he worries about the well-being of others holds him back. Dr.Cain states that X is the only Reploid who worries about other. Eventually Zero and X discover that Sigma is the one responsible for the Reploid going Maverick.