Easter is the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox on March 20. This is the day Christians celebrate because they believe Christ rose from the dead and all who accept this by faith gain eternal life. April Fools Day is a date where people play tricks on each other and then say it was a joke or an April fool. There is a significance to both of these occasions falling on April 1 in 2018. Pulpits around the globe will have preachers utilizing the symbolism to get their point across to the millions who will be in attendance for church services Likewise there will be those who doubt the Resurrection Of Christ who will make their own point.

A day of pranks and a day of fun

For those who are not Christians, the first day of the fourth month will simply be a day of fun and pranks. People will walk up to those they know and trick them by saying that a spider on their shirt, or that a hundred dollar bill is under their shoe. Some individuals may use the coincidence of Easter falling on that date to emphasize their view that the resurrection of Christ is nothing more than a hoax or an April Fools joke.

They may consider this as the ideal time to express their views about the Bible and all that lie within its pages.Those who do not believe in a formal acknowledgment of the resurrection of Christ may use the day of fun and pranks to point out the irony.

There are numerous websites devoted to debunking all things that Christians hold near and dear, so April Fools Day would play right from their perspective.

The Christian perspective for April Fools Day

Those who believe that Jesus indeed rose from the dead will more than likely use April 1 to share their belief that the tomb of Christ is empty because he conquered death and will soon return for His followers.

On Easter Sunday, many preachers will teach that the significance of April 1, 2018, is that it symbolizes how nonbelievers think the resurrection is a joke, a myth, or a fairy tale, AKA a big April Fools joke.

Christians believe that He will return to them one day and many will celebrate the day by insisting that the resurrection, return of Christ, and hell are very real and no April Fools joke.

Naturally, there will be individuals who do not care one way or the other and the holiday will pass with no significant meaning. Easter and faith, like beauty, are in the eye of the beholder and everyone will decide for themselves how to observe the day or not.