With shows on television like "Shark Tank," it seems more and more people are choosing to quit their nine to five jobs to try entrepreneurship. I think that the show has really opened the door for some of the greatest minds to follow their dreams and make them a reality. There is finally an opportunity to show some of the most experienced businessmen and women their great ideas; not to mention we, the audience.

What are the reasons people want to become an entrepreneur?

The number one reason an individual would like to be their own boss is that they hate their job.

Let's face it, the corporate world isn't for everyone. Some may get anxious and lose a sense of self-worth if they aren't doing what they love.

The second reason could be that they have an idea and they want to share it with the world. They may not necessarily be looking to become an Entrepreneur, but they fall into that life because they have a great idea. I'm sure the McDonald's brothers weren't planning on their idea going international.

A third reason could be that parents want to stay home with their children. Finding a job that allows one to work flexible hours and to be a parent is hard to come by. This seems to be a huge reason more and more people are choosing to quit their jobs and start their own business.

What does it take to be an entrepreneur?

Some may feel it would be too difficult while others have a knack for business. As an entrepreneur myself, I find that having the confidence, a plan, and putting in a lot of hard work makes running a business possible. If someone can find what they are passionate about and turn it into a business, it can be fun and it can feel less like work.

The important thing is finding a niche, and sometimes it can take a while to find it. Entrepreneurs are some of our greatest minds. They are people who think outside the box and they try to make the lives of people around them better in some way.

Confidence helps when a person wants to be their own boss. What is confidence?

Can it be taught? No, no one can be taught confidence, it’s a mindset on how one views and values themselves. Positive thinking should be on the top of the list. If someone knows and believes that they are worth something, they will succeed further than one who doesn't value themselves. I for one believe we should be happy and feel good about what we can do. One's presence says a lot about their character. If a person walks into a room to give a presentation slouched over and mumbling incoherently, I don't think they'll get very far. If they walk in with their shoulders back, head up, speak with confidence, and know their profit margins, they just may get that million dollar deal they're asking for.

It takes setting goals and achieving them one by one and never ceasing. Whether the goal is to get a business degree first or dive in head first, it takes setting a goal. The beauty of being an entrepreneur is that you don't need a degree. With a push in the right direction, a good attitude, ambition and hard work, one can get to a place where their dreams come true. I say being an entrepreneur is a great idea.