US president Donald Trump has announced his intention of returning to the White House in 2020 for a second term. He wants Brad Parscale once again as his campaign manager. Brad was the digital director, had done his job successfully in 2016, and will have to repeat the performance in 2020.

Sky News reports that Trump has made his bid for re-election 980 days before Election Day. This is quite early compared to that of Barack Obama who had announced his intention for serving the second term 582 days before polling. Incidentally, the time chosen by Trump is eight months before November congressional elections.

This is an important election because it will decide whether the Republican Party will retain control of the US Congress.

Trump has chalked out his path

It seems Donald Trump is serious about a second term in the White House. He is in his seventies, a real estate tycoon, and a businessman. He defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton and was elected in November 2016. He took over charge in January 2017 and began preparatory work for his re-election immediately after occupying the chair. He even held his first campaign rally in Florida on 18 February 2017 and went public about possible challengers from the opposition camp.

During his first year in office, Trump has handled several issues with a firm hand.

Some of these are the travel ban on people from specific countries, restriction on carrying electronic gadgets as cabin baggage, the Mexico border wall, withdrawal from the Paris accord on climate change, and of course, the defiance of North Korea. It will depend on his campaign manager on how best he can utilize these to his advantage.

The King-maker

In all probability, Brad Parscale will once again be entrusted with the task of ensuring victory for Donald Trump in his bid for a second term in the White House. Brad is a Texas-based digital consultant and has close links with the family. During a TV program last year, he revealed how his team had gone to work on the digital platform, and made extensive use of the social media outlets to reach out to those who supported Trump.

Such strategies are believed to have played a vital role in the outcome.

Brad Parscale will be the man behind the scene, and his tasks would include building the necessary infrastructure for the 2020 campaign apart from the 2018 mid-term elections. He will also have to handle activities connected to extending support to the candidates and ensuring victory on all fronts.