Once again, Donald Trump is tooting his own horn by misleading the American people. The president is spreading fake news by saying that his State of the Union address had the highest ratings ever. The truth is that the facts prove the complete exact opposite. Nielson ratings indicate that the POTUS actually has the lowest ratings of any of the most recent commanders in chief. His predecessors Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Barack Obama all had more people watching during their speeches. This is just one more incident where Number 45 shows that he is obsessed with crowd size, so to speak, and extremely out of touch with reality.

He continues to make it up as he goes along, and his base keeps believing the hype. A report by MSN revealed much of the information used in this article.

Reliability of the Nielson ratings

The Nielson ratings are trusted and have shown themselves to be pretty reliable over the decades. Their results determine the top 10 primetime television shows and also the biggest grossing movies each weekend. According to their tabulations, 45.6 million people tuned in on Tuesday night (Jan. 30) to watch the president's State of the Union address. In comparison, 46.8 million watched Bill Clinton, close to 48 million tuned in for Barack Obama, and George W Bush won hands down with 51.7 million viewing his first State of the Union address in 2002.

This latest falsehood can be added to the list of erroneous claims that have been made by Number 45. Donald Trump claimed that there were more people in attendance at his inauguration than there were for former president Barack Obama and this was quickly debunked. He later said that Obama had wiretapped Trump Tower and to date, not one shred of evidence has come forth.

While the majority of Americans are outraged that fake news continues to come from the lips of the president, his base sticks by him and ignores this issue.

Donald Trump will continue to see his own truth

Politifact won the Pulitzer prize in 2009 for national reporting and a fact-checking initiative. They have a website with nine pages of false statements the president has uttered since being elected.

The list has close to 200 items of fake news that have come out of the mouth of Donald Trump and more are sure to follow. This commander in chief spins everything as win-win and in his own favor as if the American people and the world at large can .be easily manipulated.

In spite of continuously low approval ratings, and a majority of Americans admitting the president lies more than most, Donald Trump will most likely continue to see his own truth in situations. Neither the Nielson ratings nor Politifact