Twitter erupted when Melania Trump broke two long-standing traditions on Tuesday night. The First Lady rode to the State of the Union Address in a separate vehicle from her husband, fueling rumors that she and the POTUS are dealing with marital discord. She also refused to stand (as did others) when the president spoke about faith and family. This caused tweeters to make jokes about the third Mrs. Trump looking "Stormy." The sentiment seemed to be that she must have been blindsided by the allegations regarding her spouse and the adult film star.

The forrmer model has made no public statement about the situation so people are putting their own spin on recent events.

Melania's actions cause Twitter to erupt

Monday, January 22nd was the 13th wedding anniversary of the couple but neither Melania nor Donald mentioned it. The president previously asked Twitter to wish his wife a happy birthday, but nothing was said at all about the day they were wed. It is being speculated by some that their silence is because of the Stormy Daniels scandal. The adult film star allegedly was paid $130,000 to keep quiet about an affair she had with Donald Trump and deflected questions about the alleged affair while on "Jimmy Kimmel Live' on Tuesday night.

The Daily Mail broke a story last week indicating that a reliable White House source said Melania had been staying in a D.C. hotel since the Stormy Daniels story came to light. The first lady's spokesperson (Stephanie Grissom), however, denied the reports and said this is fake news.

The fact that the president and his wife arrived separately to the State of the Union Address is keeping the stories of marital discord alive and well on Twitter.

Melania is being watched closely

The FLOTUS has shown herself to be an independent woman, but there are times when a first lady is expected to accompany the president to formal affairs.

While previous commanders-in-chief and their wives were often by each other's side, Donald and Melania Trump have not been seen in public together since New Year's Eve. This is why her actions on Tuesday night will only cause the Twitterverse to watch her more closely.

In addition to not standing when her husband spoke about faith and family, and choosing to ride with her guests to the State of the Union Address, their 13th wedding anniversary on Monday, January 22 was not acknowledged by either of them, with neither wishing the other a happy anniversary on Twitter -- and this, too, was duly noted.