President Donald Trump, who this observer believes should resign, has ignited an extremely boisterous Twitter rant with his comment calling African nations, "s***hole" countries. The comment, which allegedly was made by Trump at a DACA meeting attended by several US Senators in the White House, is an affront to good relations with foreign countries, international treaties, military cooperation, and trade. And the affront has not helped the Trump Administration, or for that matter, the United States, in any capacity.

If anything, Trump's irresponsible comments have seriously lowered America's position on the international scorecard.

Most likely, the damage is irreversible, putting the country in a position such that nothing ever will be the same.

A matter of trust

The fact of the matter is that America has lost the trust of the African nations that Trump called "s***hole countries," as well as that of most, if not all, nations on the international front. Once the sacred bond of trust has been broken, the pieces never do quite go back together correctly. Donald Trump, who this observer refers to as the "Racist-in-Chief," presumably is so obtuse that he is not even aware of the fact he has severed the trust of nearly all the nations of the world. Former President George H.W. Bush summed it up quite briskly when he referred to Trump as a "blowhard." Neither Former Presidents Bush voted for Trump in 2016, nor did their wives.

Twitter rants explode

Twitter came alive in response to Trump's comment, which reportedly was proceeded with a comment about Haiti: "Haitians. Do we need more Haitians?," according to CNN on Friday (Jan. 12). It was then that the president allegedly complained about a bipartisan bill that was protecting immigrants from Africa.

Reportedly, the president then referred to the African nations from whom the immigrants come as "s***hole nations." The Twitter firestorm that emerged in response to these comments was unforgiving and relentless.

One tweeter stated that it makes no difference if Trump apologizes for this "s***hole" comments because an apology won't do any good.

Another tweeter apologized for the fact that "Your President is a horrible role model, an openly foul-mouthed racist bigot sexist sexual assaulter."

Another tweeter stated, "Donald Trump needs to take a mental health test."

Another tweeter discussed the fact that Trump is not welcome in the UK and then stated: "He is clearly not welcomed with his hateful racist and misogynistic views." That tweeter then criticized British Prime Minister Theresa May for having invited Trump to the UK in the first place: "Theresa May who should never have offered him a state visit."

Another tweeter described Trump as "not suitable to run the county."

Finally, a tweeter described Queen Elizabeth as embarrassed and humiliated over the controversy created by Trump's comments.

The unwritten rule

Without question, it appears that the president has broken one of the most important unwritten rules of politics: Do not embarrass the Queen; whatever you do, don't ever embarrass the Queen. That is not how a political neophyte like Donald Trump becomes knighted on the stage of international relations.