President Donald Trump, who was called "a sick man" by Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, has been labeled a "blowhard" by Former President George H.W. Bush. In his new book that is to be released soon, Mark Updegrove revealed the feelings of both former Presidents Bush towards Trump. Updegrove discussed the fact that the elder Bush feels that Trump's "ego" is creating havoc with his behavior. When asked about his feelings towards Trump, the elder Bush simply stated, "I don't like him," according to The Huffington Post on Saturday.

Updegrove revealed that former President George W. Bush expressed his fear that he would be "the last Republican President," according to The Huffington Post on Saturday.

Updegrove shared that it was these fears on the part of the younger Bush that inspired him to name his book, "The Last Republicans."

Destroying the GOP

Updegrove brought out the fact that both former Presidents Bush feel that Trump is destroying the Republican Party. He discussed the fact that both men did not blame the rise of Hillary Clinton for the GOP's difficulty in coming to terms with itself. Both former Presidents, according to Updegrove, feel that Trump "represents everything that the Bushes abhorred," according to The Huffington Post on Saturday.

In a recent speech at a New York policy seminar, George W. Bush lamented the importance of a "free press" in America. Without mentioning his name, the younger Bush criticized Trump's attacks on the media, including his attempts to control it and to limit its ability to access and report information.

Most observers, including the Bushes, have expressed concerns that Trump's attacks on the media are a direct affront to the First Amendment, including "free speech" and "freedom of the press."

How the Bushes voted

Updegrove revealed that the elder President Bush voted for Hillary Clinton for President in 2016, whereas G.W. Bush voted for "None of the above." This is noteworthy for two reasons: 1) It is the first time that a former GOP President has admitted to having voted for a candidate of another party since Former President Theodore Roosevelt voted for himself as a member of The Bull Moose Party in 1912.

2) It is the first time that a former GOP President has openly voted for "None of the above" on a Presidential ballot.

Whether or not this is going to result in a trend among future former presidents is unknown. However, it has reinforced efforts by other Republicans, including Senators John McCain, (Ariz.), Ben Sasse, (Ne.), and Bob Corker, (Tenn.), to express their true feelings and to address the ramifications of the Trump Presidency directly.

The Bush Twitter storm

News of Updegrove's new book and its startling revelations set off a Twitter storm against Donald Trump.

Thoughts of Truth asked if we are in a "countdown" while awaiting attacks upon the Bushes by Donald Trump.

Think Gooder Bigly stated that George W. Bush was "superior" to Trump as a statesman.

Brian Krassenstein lamented the fact that George H.W.

Bush voted for "the wife of the man who beat him in 1992."

Kurt Eichenwald wondered if FOX News is going to attack the Bushes as "libtards."

Angry WH Staffer discussed the fact that George W. Bush remarked that Trump "doesn't know what it is to be president." The Angry WH Staffer did not discuss the fact that together, the two Presidents Bush have 12 years of White House experience; whereas Trump has about nine months of experience with three Trump Team indictments so far.

And counting.